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  • Why I am Grateful My Website was Hacked

    In life, we have choices – more than we often realize. Unexpected circumstances and situations we don’t create will always factor in – natural disaster, government takeovers, terrorism, death, disease, and all manner of hardship specific to life on this side of glory. Much of life is beyond our control – including the choices of …[ read more ]

  • In Rejection’s Wake

    You pull away to be alone with God in the sorry state you’re in – half seeking answers (though you know they aren’t on the horizon), but mostly wanting Him. Uncensored, you pour out your heart. Ask for mercy and the kindness of His assurance. And stamina to endure. He is the One with the …[ read more ]

  • When You’re Just a Big Loser

    Sometimes you think you’re getting somewhere, you know, with this whole growing up in Jesus business. You’re hitting your Bible regularly and going deep, not just the quick pass over a verse and a thought but digging in and rocking it. Your prayer life is consistent and gets more involved than “Help!” and “Please!” (not …[ read more ]

  • Violence, Religious Frauds – Love in the Age of Suppression

    If you’re looking to the Bible for morality stories, it will quickly leave you frustrated. Oh, it’s loaded with stories and occasionally there’s a person in that story making a right choice, but three stories later, that same person may be choosing the wrong way. In fact, in many biblical stories, everyone is wrong. That’s …[ read more ]

  • The Man Who Hated Me in the Coffee Shop

    And do you think they’ll line up to thank us when we turn their world upside down? When we exclude all the ways they devise to build their own stairways to heaven and point to the solitary stairway that hung on a cross, do you think they’ll applaud in breathless awe? When our words declare …[ read more ]