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  • The Uncomfortable Comfort of God

    Have you ever received comfort that wasn’t really comforting? It happens all the time, right? At funerals, during illness, or during trials, we offer one another what we hope is comfort, but it doesn’t translate that way. And, sometimes, we receive false comfort. Like when my husband tells me my outfit is flattering but then …[ read more ]

  • God’s Mercy for the Clown

    Last Saturday night, some saw a hero. Others saw a villain. What I saw was a woman sharing a painful story with the world using the skill from which she derives her worth. Cecily Strong is a comedian on Saturday Night Live. Saturday, Cecily dressed as a clown on SNL to discuss the abortion she …[ read more ]

  • A Lifetime of God Moments

    Dear Readers, I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from my first literary agent (and the man who “brought me up” in the Christian writing world), Les Stobbe. It’s an excerpt from his newly released book, God Moments in My Publishing Life. Les has taught me in the business of writing and books to …[ read more ]

  • What Story Are You Telling Yourself about Your Life Today?

    These days, someone is always telling us a story. From politicians to preachers to people in our lives, stories abound. Reporters, advertisers, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits seeking donations, the teenager hiding a secret, the neighbor inching his fence onto our land, the spouse covering her own fears and failing – all crafting stories they’d prefer …[ read more ]

  • How Do We Bear Up Under All This?

    Here’s the thing. In movies, it’s exciting when the wise guide or sage tells the young Jedi or Hobbit or girl from Kansas that they already have everything they need. Frustrating for the character, yes. But it makes for a great movie! We watch in anticipation of the moment when the star finally accesses the …[ read more ]