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  • How Do We Bear Up Under All This?

    Here’s the thing. In movies, it’s exciting when the wise guide or sage tells the young Jedi or Hobbit or girl from Kansas that they already have everything they need. Frustrating for the character, yes. But it makes for a great movie! We watch in anticipation of the moment when the star finally accesses the …[ read more ]

  • What It Means that Events Happened So Swiftly in Our World

    It’s the swiftness of what’s happened that leaves us breathless. How swiftly twenty years of investment by soldiers, missionaries, business owners, women’s advocates, Afghan citizens, and philanthropists can be undone. How swiftly a storm can build to catastrophic strength. How swiftly fire can consume everything in its path. How swiftly Christians can be so overwhelmed …[ read more ]

  • Thoughts and Prayers for Afghanistan – The Life-Altering Truth on Which We Need to Act

    What is happening in Afghanistan right now is soul-crushing for the Afghan people, first and foremost, but also for people across the globe who care deeply for freedom and peace. Hard hit will be families of Afghan people who are here in the United States, as well as the generations of men and women who …[ read more ]

  • The Correct Way to Correct the Church

    It’s not a secret there are times when the church of Jesus doesn’t get it right. It’s not enough to comment that “everyone is a sinner,” or to rush to remind everyone about forgiveness and grace. We are the body of Christ. We have every spiritual blessing through Jesus and everything we need for life …[ read more ]

  • Why Do We Need Shoes in God’s Armor

    How sure of you of your footing? It’s something we often don’t even consider until we’ve landed flat on our backsides. I’ve been doing a new exercise regimen – and one fascinating aspect has been the early emphasis on my feet. Workouts are done barefoot with great focus on the connection between my feet and …[ read more ]