Meet Lori

Why Would Anyone Listen to Me?

Who am I and why do I disturb hobbits?

I’m just another woman, following Jesus in a small town, in the smallest state, in her own small way. My heart’s desire is that my life and my words will inspire others to persevere in Jesus Christ against all odds.

Like you, I don’t want to remain stuck in life’s small stories, give into small-minded thinking, or settle for a lesser life than God has in mind. I want to engage with His great story and live the larger adventure.

But doing that, means facing giants, being uncomfortable more often than I can bear, and allowing others to see me when my hair is frizzy and my heart is cranky and tired. Ugh.

I’m not bold, brave, strong, or self-confident. Like Tolkien’s hobbits, I like to be cozy, comfortable, and eat my meals on time. I was thirty before I had the nerve to call out for pizza, so, as you can see, hanging out with Jesus has not been without effect.

I want to be settled, but when Jesus knocked on my door, I loved Him immediately. I also learned then that settling in, interferes with traveling on the narrow road to the heart of Jesus Christ, our true home.

So, I write posts about faith designed to disturb the hobbit in all of us and inspire us to forget ourselves (and second breakfast) long enough to join the adventure. I write to incite the faltering believer to join the ancient adventure. I write because it’s the best way to speak my mind without being interrupted. I write so that others who are considering giving up find the strength to hold on.


Why God Led You Here

You and I share a story because we’re part of His story. The story of everyone who knows there is a greater adventure out there, and keeping their heads buried in the Shire is no longer an option.

Of course, we love comfort, of course we want to keep to ourselves and enjoy the safety of home, but we live in times that call for believers to be brave, to take action, and to set comfort aside out of love for Jesus and for those Jesus loves.

The adventure is upon us. We are those who refuse to skim across the surface of faith.  I write for all of us who have been unsettled from comfortable places and moved to follow Jesus into the adventure of our times.

You answered His knock at your door, too, and it’s why He’s led you here. Welcome, loved one. Join us. Like us, you have a heart for deep water, deep woods, deep space, deep thoughts leading to a deeper exploration of faith in Jesus, yes?

We may be common souls from small places and simple lives, “But, we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.” Hebrews 10:39 ESV

If you’re here, you understand what I’m saying. You’re seeking the courage, companionship, and skills to take hold of the path God has set before you.

Let’s find it together.

Oh, you want some facts?

  • I’ve followed Jesus since I responded to a televised Billy Graham altar-call in my early childhood.
  • Baptized at eleven.
  • Degrees in Biblical Studies and Psychology from Barrington Christian College (now merged with Gordon).
  • Fifty-something.
  • Wife to one husband for over thirty years (most of them good, the others under grace)
  • Retired homeschool mother to two adults with their own families and stories.
  • Holder of a day job.
  • Author. Speaker. Part-time giant-slayer.
  • I overeat when I’m stressed and I weary of talking to other people by sundown (unless I’m at a conference or a retreat – and then my night-owl emerges.)
  • Black belt (but, that’s another story.)

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