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  • Seasick from Traveling with Jesus

    Wow. I get it now. Ever have a moment like that? Just, wow.   For years, more than I care to number, I encountered wave after wave after relentless wave of trial. Ironically, writers are advised to do that to our main characters, “make them suffer,” “when things are bad, make them worse,” “increase the …[ read more ]

  • Yelling “Jesus” in a Crowded Theater

    Like so many of you, I read the book of Acts and want my life to look like that of the first followers of Christ. It doesn’t. But, there’s no reason it can’t. None. We live in times like that into which the early church was born. Political superpowers. Factions. Arrogant leaders who wish to …[ read more ]

  • Aweless

    You’re searching for someone to blame for your own anemic experience of faith. It’s the eroded culture chasing after idols. It’s the compromising church and the false church and the fearful church and those Christians who refuse to attend church or those who attend but don’t engage. It’s spiritual warfare. Cowardly leadership. The scoffers. Wolves …[ read more ]

  • Why Christians Hide Emotional Pain (and Why We Have to Stop)

    Imagine these two scenarios: A soldier on the frontlines faces heavy enemy fire. She’s injured and she watches several in her squadron take direct hits. She radios for support. “We need reinforcements. We’re under heavy fire.” “Don’t panic, soldier. It’s just the enemy.” “I’m not panicked. I’m calling for air support and extra troops in …[ read more ]

  • Persecution Preparedness Drill

    We’re prepared for hurricanes. We prepare for blizzards, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. When we live in a region where these events can be anticipated, we receive all manner of public service announcements regarding preparedness and we heed them, if we’re wise. Christians have been warned since the birth of the church that persecution …[ read more ]