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  • When You’re a Leader in Crisis (and nobody knows)

    You’re in trouble and you know it. But, you’re the only one who does. Others suspect, but it’s not something they’re addressing because you’re the one they look to for their answers. Plus, you keep telling them you’re fine. You’re a leader, teacher, pastor, head of the ministry team, head of the family, missionary, elder, …[ read more ]

  • Invisible Women

    Have you ever felt invisible, unseen, overlooked? I was a bookish, studious, Jesus-loving little girl, so every time I opened a gift from a relative and found a porcelain doll, make-up kit, or glittery pink barrettes, I wondered how I could be so hard to see. Then, as a woman, single well into my twenties, …[ read more ]

  • Five Ways to Be an Older Woman Younger Women Can Hear

    They’re not listening. This is the complaint I hear from my contemporaries about the next generations. Women of a certain age worry about the generations coming up behind us. We know we have a biblically-ordained responsibility to reach and teach younger women, but we flounder in this task. Largely because we view it as a …[ read more ]

  • Against Self-Interest (The Greats Play for Love)

    Professional athletes study the game. They watch game tapes over and over, noting each nuance of those who excel. Then, they take their observations onto the field or the court or the mat, practicing them again and again, so that they might not only replicate the excellence, but also surpass it. This is the way …[ read more ]

  • More Dangerous than Demons

    There is a force in our times more dangerous than demons. Fortunately, Jesus demonstrated how to mount a defense against it. The gospel writer, Mark, is a writer after my own heart. He’s like the Hemingway of the good news of Jesus. To the point. No backstory. Jump us right into the action of Jesus’ …[ read more ]