We are those who refuse to skim across the surface of faith.  I write for all of us who have been unsettled from comfortable places and moved to follow Jesus into the adventure of our times. I, like you, seek the courage and confidence to carry on for Christ. When I find it, I share it here.—Heb. 10:39

Blogger, Jesus-follower. Making comfortable Christians continually late for dinner. Part-time giant-slayer.
Not available for children's parties.

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  • The Hidden Sorrow of Faithfulness in a Fallen World

    Our God is faithful. Even if we are ever not, He always is, of this we can be certain. It’s also clear from Scripture that He calls us to faithfulness. It is, in fact, a fruit of the Holy Spirit – evidence of His presence and work in our lives. And yet, the call to faithfulness is not an easy road. It’s so hard and so narrow, few will find. And we all know there are moments on this road that knock the wind out of us – some so hard we sit at the road’s edge trying to gather… Read More

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