We are those who refuse to skim across the surface of faith.  I write for all of us who have been unsettled from comfortable places and moved to follow Jesus into the adventure of our times. I, like you, seek the courage and confidence to carry on for Christ. When I find it, I share it here.—Heb. 10:39

Blogger, Jesus-follower. Making comfortable Christians continually late for dinner. Part-time giant-slayer.
Not available for children's parties.

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  • How Do We Become Childlike in Dangerous Times?

    The older I get, the more I want to become like a child. Not to extend my life but to immerse myself in it. Jesus said that unless we turn and become like children, we will never enter the kingdom of heaven. He told us we must humble ourselves like a child and in this way, we would be great in heaven. (Matthew 18:3-4) Those are powerful words and yet, I hear few people ask what it means to become like children. I think about it all the time these days, especially as I see more children forced to act… Read More

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