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We are those who refuse to skim across the surface of faith.  I write for all of us who have been unsettled from comfortable places and moved to follow Jesus into the adventure of our times. I, like you, seek the courage and confidence to carry on for Christ. When I find it, I share it here.—Heb. 10:39

Blogger, Jesus-follower. Making comfortable Christians continually late for dinner. Part-time giant-slayer.
Not available for children's parties.

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  • Yes, Virginia, some people find Christmas irritating

    Do you know an Ebenezer Scrooge? They’re not just fictional characters. Ebenezers walk among us every day. Yes, Virginia, some people find Christmas irritating, aggravating, and even loathsome. In the movies, these people end up embracing the joy of the season, melting at the special gesture of a loved one, a meaningful gift, or a carol sung by a pure-hearted child. In real life, Ebenezers usually maintain their Grinch-like posture, embrace their inner Scrooge, and suck the joy of the season from those around them, as well. This, loved ones, is as traditional as a crèche, for the first “Bah… Read More

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