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We are those who refuse to skim across the surface of faith.  I write for all of us who have been unsettled from comfortable places and moved to follow Jesus into the adventure of our times. I, like you, seek the courage and confidence to carry on for Christ. When I find it, I share it here.—Heb. 10:39

Blogger, Jesus-follower. Making comfortable Christians continually late for dinner. Part-time giant-slayer.
Not available for children's parties.

From the Blog

  • When Christians Who Sin are Exposed to the World

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s important to grow up, to step into maturity, to move past childish things. It is that time in the life of the modern church. Specifically, we need to grow up around the topic of sin within the Body of Christ. The church is making headlines because of individuals and systems that engage in sin, conceal and protect people who commit habitual sin, and people who perpetuate sinful acts under the guise of holiness. Priests who engage in sexual abuse. Christian leaders, teachers, and speakers who abuse their power to engage in… Read More

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