Tagged: Hebrews 12:1-3

  • Diagnosis: Perspectiv-opia

    I do a sneaky lesson with my high school Sunday school class. It’s direct, simple, and perspective altering. (Well, it is for me, anyway.) First, I spread out a slew of photos taken from magazines or newspapers. They depict mansions, cool cars, hot male and female models, celebrities, travel destinations, boats, and other visual images …[ read more ]

  • Mojo for the Middle

    Beginnings are beautiful aren’t they? Births, babies, baptisms, romances, engagements, weddings, first days, first sentences, first words, first steps, first prayers. The start of something new is like a spring day on steroids – refreshing and intense, an interlude of optimism and joy in a darker fugue. Endings are cause for celebration as well. Graduations, …[ read more ]