Share Your Story of Invisibility


  • All They Could See Was My Invisible Tat

    Submitted Anonymously by a Reader I’ve wandered through life being corrected by everyone. I don’t mean my parents or other authorities correcting me as I was growing up. No, those who have had differing opinions from mine have always taken the upper hand, setting me straight, negating me, interrupting me as I spoke. I began …[ read more ]

  • Dancing with Butterflies

    Submitted by Maureen Miller The monarch butterfly, having rested briefly upon the window ledge, flew once more, lightly bumping its reflection in the glass and capturing my attention. I stopped watering geraniums to watch as it turned to glide, carried by the wind over a sea of grass. I followed with my eyes until it disappeared, waltzing …[ read more ]

  • From Seen to Forgotten

    Submitted by Anonymous (and received with grace): A year and a half ago, I thought I had “arrived.” I was there, in the Promised Land of my destiny, sitting in the dirt with some of the most invisible – disabled children in remote African villages. The delight of teaching a child considered worthless even by …[ read more ]