When You Feel Shut Out of Christmas

Christmas brings many people together but for others, it highlights feelings of isolation, depression and sadness. It is for these people that I retell Carly’s story.

The Snow Globe – Carly’s Christmas Story

“Like a snow globe? How’s that?” The church counselor shifted forward in her chair as I searched for words.

“You know those snow globes people pull out at Christmas?”

She nodded.

“The world inside that globe seems beautiful, perfect, but if I tried to touch it or become part of it –it would shatter. To become a part of that world I would have to destroy it and then I would see that it was all really fake after all. It’s only beautiful if I leave it untouched.”

“That’s how you see God’s love for you?”

I nodded and stared out the window. She won’t understand. Church people never get me. At least I can tell mom I tried. Snow was falling but that just deepened the ache inside me. There’s no hope for me. She knows it.

“Would you try something with me, Carly? Can you trust me with your imagination for just five minutes?”

Her face seems kind and she hasn’t said anything stupid yet. It seems like she might actually care. I nod “yes”.

“OK. I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself trapped inside a snow globe. Only this isn’t a beautiful snow globe. Your snow globe world is a scary city full of dirt and trash and violent men around every corner. In your snow globe world, there are people who seem like they may become friends but then they take off their faces like masks and laugh at you, mock you and call you names. The windows on all the apartments in this world are mirrors.

When you look in them, you see only what is wrong with you, all the bad choices you’ve made, all the fear you feel, all the mistakes you’ve made. There’s no snow in this globe, only a cold driving rain. You bang on the glass as hard as you can but it won’t break. You scream as loud as you can but you think no one outside can hear. Can you picture that, Carly?”

I’m crying but I nod “yes” again.

“But someone does hear you. He chooses your snow globe and he finds a way in. He becomes part of this ugly, scary, horrifying world you inhabit and he finds you. The people in the apartments laugh at him and mock him, too. The men beat him up and kill him. Are you with me?”


“Then, just as you are thinking it’s all lost, he moves. He’s alive and now he’s more than alive. He takes a bullet from his own chest, the one they used to kill him and he hurls it at the glass of the globe. The globe shatters and you are free. Suddenly, you are standing with Him in the perfect world of color and light and truth and the snow is falling around you both – pure and white. Are you there, Carly?”

“Yes.” I manage to whisper.

“That is God’s love for you, dear one. That is God’s love. That is Christmas.”

Jesus broke through every barrier to be WITH us. He can break through whatever barrier isolates you from experiencing His love. Have you ever felt alone, separate, left out, forgotten during this holiday season? Do you feel that way now? What’s in your snow globe this season?

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    The Conversation

  1. Andrea says:

    Indeed, Jesus is the author and creator of breaking through barriers!


  2. babanotes says:

    This is a wonderful blog. Great analogy concerning the infinite love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much.