How I Was Nearly Eaten by Dogs

dogs-1041483_640It’s true.

My day job isn’t always this exciting (fortunately) but last week, I was nearly eaten by angry dogs. I showed up for an appointment with a client but she hadn’t warned her housemate. So, for several paralyzing moments, a freakishly tall, skinny woman screamed threats at me to leave her property all the while loosely gripping the collar of her large, snarling dogs.

Here’s the thing.

I wanted to leave. I saw the wisdom of leaving. But I had a job to do – a job about which I’m passionate and determined. Plus, my legs wouldn’t obey my brain. That’s right. I froze from the waist down. Most likely having to do with the snapping, snarling, spitting beasts the tall angry lady was threatening to release.

I tried to explain why I was there.

I asked about her housemate and informed her I’d met in the house the week before. (That was a misstep. Really just made her angrier.)

“I’m trying to help the young woman,” I screamed.

“You people from up state never understand us down here,” she yelled.

Now, that was crazy. For one thing, Rhode Island is only about 30 minutes long so “upstate” is overstating things a bit. For another thing, I live in this woman’s town. Grew up here, in fact.

“I’m not from Providence. I’m from here!” I cried, my eyes on the dogs’ teeth.

She swore at me and said, “I’ve never seen you before. That’s it. I’m letting the dogs loose!”

My brain went to red alert. I did something desperate. Something shameful. Something pathetic.

I used my father’s name.

“I’m not lying! I’m Chief Stanley’s daughter. I’m Chief Stanley’s daughter.” I screamed above the snarls.

“What? You are?”

“Yes. I grew up here. I’m the Chief’s daughter.”

“Oh,” she said, immediately relaxing her tone while tightening her grip on the dogs. “Come on up on the deck. Let me put the dogs away.”

And just like that, I was welcome. Danger averted. Iced tea offered. In like Flynn. All because I’m my father’s daughter.

Most likely, I was never in any real danger. I can’t imagine this woman wanted the lawsuit that would have ensued if her dogs had feasted on me. But the fear – now THAT was real. Heart-racing, blood-icing, limb-paralyzing, pants-wetting fear.

Fear affected me mentally, physically, and emotionally. It made me think crazy thoughts. It made my mouth go dry. It reduced me to the impulses of a four-year-old.

But calling on my father’s name immediately changed the situation. (It’s a small town and he’s the fire chief – been the fire chief for 50 years so he’s well known in these here parts.)

That was a powerful reminder for me of the power of my Heavenly Father’s name.

I belong to Jesus and because of this, Satan has no power over me. No real power. But if he can incite me to fear, that fear will affect the way I think, feel, and act. While Satan’s dogs are snarling, growling, staring me down – my spiritual life can stall in very real ways.

Until I remember who I am.

Until I remind Satan whose I am.

As soon as I call on the name of Jesus. Remind myself and the enemy that I am a child of my Father God. The instant that happens, I reclaim my freedom. And if you belong to Jesus, the same is true for you. Jesus has set you free. Satan is like a tethered dog and you are just out of reach. But he does stand on the deck screeching at you and threatening to let loose all his fury. And it can frighten you into a state of spiritual paralysis.

The power to stop it lies in remembering who you are and reminding the enemy whose you are. You’re going to live forever. The dogs won’t eat you, or lions, and fire won’t consume you, or flood.

So go ahead, let the dogs bark and growl. Just stand your ground and announce, “I am my Father’s child in the name of Jesus’” – even the dogs know to bow at the mention of that name.

**If you need prayer because you’re frozen with fear, click on the Contact Me link and let me know how I can pray for you! Also, I’ve added a brochure about my speaking ministry that you can download. You’ll find it if you click on Invite Me Over at the top of the website page. I would love for us to chat in person. And remember, keep an eye out for some exciting announcements coming about the release of Running from a Crazy Man (and other adventures traveling with Jesus). Mercy and grace, Lori

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    The Conversation

  1. Cindy Loven says:

    Lori, I loved this post, we too often forget the power in using our Savior’s name against our enemy. A great reminder. ~C~

  2. Maxine D says:

    Thank you Lori – the dogs are snapping today, and the load seems to be getting heavier, but I need to look up, not around.

  3. What a great analogy, Lori. When I hear Satan snarling outside my heart, I ask Jesus to go answer the door. Works every time!

  4. Mary Denman says:

    I love that you called out your dad’s name! What a great lesson Lori! 🙂