Finding the Hallelujah

We’re losing it.
I haven’t wanted to bring it up
But it’s true.
We’re losing it and I want it back.
The art and the beauty.
The majesty
The awe
The Hallelujah.
And the touch of God on our lives.
God’s son, warm and swaddled,
 blessing us by inhabiting our humanity
And shepherds communing with angels,
A caravan of magi
Camping out under the stars,
Mapping our future by a change in our stars
Outwitting a nervous king.
But we can recapture what we’ve lost
By meditating on His handiwork:
One another.
If you have a choice this season
Of communing with the television, a movie, a book, or the mall
Being with one or two or a gathering of messy human beings
Choose the humans.
We are God’s handiwork
His art
The expression of His creative mind
His heart walking around on earth.
Rediscover God’s art –
Spend time with another human
In His name.
The Hallelujah may be right under your nose.

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    The Conversation

  1. Anonymous says:

    I spent two hours with a human being I had ministered with, been taught by, guided by, corrected by, and loved by. He now has dementia and simply sits quietly in his chair, non-communicative. As I looked at him an wondered about God’s plan in this situation, I realized how blessed I had been to know this man; to share time with his wife; and how much I remember from his example. This man and his wife were friends of mine and children of a Holy God. It didn’t look or sound like a Hallelujah moment but it was! MOMMA