Because Not Everyone is Excited about Christmas.

A new king is a welcome and exciting development
Unless you’re the current king and you’re not interested in being dethroned.
You think I’m talking about Herod, don’t you?
Really, I’m referring to myself.
Some days, I make room for Jesus and
Flock with the shepherds to the manger
Other days, I’m enjoying the fit of my seat on the throne of my own life
And I order all potential threats murdered in my own streets,
a bloodbath by my own decree.
The scandal of Jesus is that He insists He’s the original royalty
And that He will rule your life or
Find shelter in another heart.
The offensiveness of being told to remove one’s self from
A well-warmed throne
To make room for another
Never gets old, does it?
It’s newly offensive every morning
Along with His mercies
And His faithfulness.
So, some days I’m all about the shepherds
But other days, I find Herod staring back at me from my bathroom mirror
And I remember why Jesus’ arrival
Caused a stir.
He doesn’t take well to being ignored – love Him or leave Him but make a choice.
Scandalous. Offensive.
The stone that makes men stumble and the rock that makes us fall.
He didn’t waft down from Heaven on a cloud,
God hurled Him into humanity like a rolling stone
And He emerged the old-fashioned way with blood and ripping screams.
Are you traveling with the wise men seeking Him at great cost to yourself?
Or are you putting a hit out on Him like Herod hoping to keep the throne of your life to yourself?
Big questions. Something to consider. Advent – because not everyone is excited about Christmas.

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    The Conversation

  1. Pam Manners says:

    Lori…can I just tell you that this post has had more of an impact on me than any Advent devotional I’ve read over the years? I wish everyone I know would stop and take the time to read and really, REALLY consider this.

  2. This post is so powerful that I shared it when I’d only read the first half. Now that I’ve read it all I’m especially proud of myself for doing so. 😉

  3. Excellent perspective. Never considered how much Herod and I could have in common, but that well-warmed throne. . .

  4. Mystic_Mom says:

    This is stunning, powerful and so worth sharing. Thank you for this.