Creative Hearts Ascend

Creative Hearts Ascend: Soul keeping for the Creative Christian

How do you keep your soul alive and engaged on the road to publication? Nurturing a creative soul in the context of a relationship with Jesus is an art. It takes time, discipline, and a heavy dollop of strange. In this class, we’ll use several psalms from the Psalms of Ascent as a launch pad for exploring issues of faith and creativity. Topics include Making Peace with Creative Tension, Transforming Suffering into Art, Accepting Strange Travel Companions, Nurturing and Protecting Your Creative Mind, Reverent or Risky – decisions every Christian creative must make, and more. Learn techniques for surviving the writing life with your soul intact. Discover how to tell, write, and share your story in the way that works for you and to the people God’s meant for you to tell.

Creative Hearts Ascend: Using Your Creative Gifts to Free Others

Imagine tapping into the creative potential of every member of your congregation or small group. Imagine appropriating this potential to empower individuals to understand God’s Word. And what if this creative power could help build Christian community and reach the unsaved?

Writers who teach or who create Bible studies and curriculum will benefit from this class on creative methods to help people connect with God and with one another while studying His word. Your creative perspective is exactly the tool needed to engage introverts, hands-on learners, and other creatives in a deeper understanding of Jesus.