This is How We Kill You Now

You and I can be incredibly efficient killing machines.

Right now, you feel comfortable reading further because you’re confident that I’m only speaking in generalities, or about “others,” the ones with murderous hands. Please keep reading, but don’t expect much comfort. Murderous hearts are the greater concern.

Since Cain killed Abel, humans have found ways to extinguish other lives. We don’t know if Cain used a crude weapon or his bare hands. Doesn’t matter. That first murder was face-to-face, personal, and the template for all murders to come.

Murder isn’t as mysterious as we make it out to be. Continue Reading →

Older Women Should Speak Truth to the Next Generation

Dear Women of the Next Generation,

You would think that in times when women across the globe march in expansive displays of gender solidarity, that you could trust the words of older women. I’m sorry to say, you cannot trust them all.

To be fair, some older women were fed lies by the women in their lives. We know truth is the first casualty of war and both spiritual and cultural battles rage.

But sometimes, it’s more insidious than that. Sometimes, it’s about hidden agendas that have nothing to do with what’s right or good for you. Continue Reading →

The Church Knows Better . . .

We’re a nation of wrestlers. Daily we contend with the greater issues of our humanity. How do we define gender and sexuality? How do we love our neighbors – those within and those without our borders? How can we protect our loved ones from violence and terrorists? Is it ever moral to take a life?

We hear a great raging river of voices – most are angry and shouting, others are fearful or alarmed, some speak reason but are quickly silenced, others are almost too meek to be heard – almost. And we, the followers of Jesus Christ who comprise the church, stand on the banks of this cultural Nile wondering how we will ever cross safely to the other side. Continue Reading →