What God did on My Summer Vacation

“You need to get to the hospital. Your dad fell.”

Three weeks ago, those words altered my August, finishing off a summer that will go in the record books as my worst.

It had already been the hardest summer of my adulthood. I’m working on a book I’ve dreamed of writing, but it’s the hardest one I’ve ever tackled. We’re slammed at my day job. Short-staffed, but no shortage of families in crisis.

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All the Broken Fathers

face-72194_640All the broken fathers who fell short of what we needed and all the faltering mothers who chose their own needs over ours,

they follow us, long after we’ve moved past them, into adulthood, into our own parenting, into our relationship with God. It is the first failing we own, our inability to heal our parents’ brokenness. Before we even form a sense of ourselves we know, somehow, we’ve failed because our existence isn’t enough to make them whole.

Our portal into this world, the first voices we hear, first eyes that drink us in, first hands that receive us, are also our introduction to its fragile nature, its bondage to sin, its fallen state. We gaze into the eyes of these sinners falling deeply in love. Continue Reading →