You May Be Worshiping Wrong

There was a great sadness in the woman before me as we discussed the dysfunction of her marriage.

“Does he ever bring you gifts?” I asked.

She nodded, staring out the window. “He brings me gifts all the time, but nothing I desire. He brings what he wants to give, what he wants to be seen giving, things he wants a woman to have. Each one, as valuable or costly as it may be, simply reminds me that he doesn’t even see me. Our relationship is completely about him. He gives what he wants to give, nothing more or less, and revels in his own satisfaction.”

It appeared the man’s emotional maturity halted in toddlerhood. Many a mother or father has received a well-intended gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day from a child that reflected the child’s own interests with little thought to the recipient. Continue Reading →

Christians Should Stop Lying to People

deceive-1299043_640We need to stop lying to people. Maybe it will help if we stop lying to ourselves.

We say all the time that people will find answers in Jesus Christ. That’s only partially true. I’ve followed Jesus for over fifty years and I have some answers to some questions but at times of great personal or public tragedy, even mature followers of Jesus struggle to endure. Answers pale when babies die, the innocent suffer, or terrorists strike close to home.

We cannot treat a relationship with Jesus like an answer key to life’s multiple-choice quiz. It’s not like that. We aren’t meant to be satisfied with answers anymore than an astronaut is meant to be content with a visit to the planetarium. Jesus didn’t die to supply us with answers and answers aren’t the panacea they’re made out to be, after all.

The Internet is writhing with answers in the wake of recent events. There’s a market for quick answers and so, of course, there are those ready to meet the demand. But, as we consume these McTruths, we’re left less satisfied than we imagined we would be, even when they contain some element of biblical reasoning. Continue Reading →