A Time to Speak Up and A Time to Refrain from Facebook

The struggle is real, isn’t it, loved ones?

We live in a divisive age and conflict is unavoidable. It’s not as simple as turning off our televisions, or avoiding social media because tempers flare at the dinner table, sides are drawn at the office coffee bar, and cherished church friends sport bumper stickers and t-shirts proclaiming they’re on “the other side.”

It’s disorienting. Disappointing. Disruptive, disturbing, and depressing on good days.

(Yes, Lori, we agree, but what do we DO? How do we respond? Where do we take our frustration, confusion, anger, and our desire to make a difference? How are we to be light when other Christians accuse us of supporting the dark and vice versa?

What about love? What about unity? When we remain silent, others accuse us of being part of the problem – of agreeing by our lack of response. When we stand up for truth, others accuse us of causing conflict and contributing to division. )

“I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war!” (Psalm 120:7 ESV)

Yes, the struggle is real. Can I get an amen? Navigating these times isn’t easy, loved ones, but our God has not abandoned us and we aren’t the first believers to live in complicated days. His Word continues to supply ample instruction even in the days of Snapchat and Twitter. Continue Reading →