Writing & Creativity Workshops

The Big Potential in Short Pieces – Blogs, Devotionals, and Articles.

Short pieces we write have more potential than just being stepping-stones to longer projects. There is an art to writing tight and these pieces are necessary at every stage of the writing life – even when we’re publishing books. In this workshop, we’ll cover the keys to writing short pieces and blog posts including engaging hooks, creative titles, power-packed sentences, and reader takeaways. The ability to write short pieces quickly will serve any writer. This workshop will equip you with the tools.

Hard Conversations Workshops

You have a tough message to deliver to people who may not want to listen. How do you engage them without compromising truth? How do you tell loved ones hard things? How do you navigate conflict, disease, or death? How do you invite skeptics into your worldview? How do you exhort, confront, or correct other Christians without engaging in a meddling or preaching?

This workshop will give you proven, concrete techniques and behind the scenes heart strategies for engaging in effective hard conversations.

or Helping Others Have Hard Conversations – Do you shepherd other people? Are you a leader at work, home, church, or in your ministry? Are you a parent? How do we equip others to have hard conversations?

This workshop will give you proven, concrete techniques and behind the scenes heart strategies for equipping others to engage in effective hard conversations.

or The Art of Hard Conversations in Writing – a version of this workshop for writers seeking to engage and persuade.

Blogging – Beyond Platform

Could God have a vision for your blog that is even greater than your own? You want a platform, but could there be even more at work? The answer is a resounding Yes! You’ll come away from this workshop inspired by God’s plan for your blog. You’ll learn key steps that will make the experience of blogging useful for both finding your voice, locating the people God wants you to reach, and expanding your reach. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your ideal reader, a list of useful guidelines for writing posts people will read, and practical ideas for gaining readers. This workshop will revolutionize the blogging experience for you and for your audience.

10 Disturbing Ways God May Use Your Writing

You have a plan for your writing. You have goals and dreams. God does, too. What happens when they don’t line up the way you thought they would? In this workshop, you’ll learn ten disturbing ways God may use your writing gift, how to survive the disconnect between your plans and His, and why how you handle the disconnect matters. You will leave identifying possibilities for your writing beyond publication. Warning: This is a disturbing workshop. Be prepared to leave unsettled. You’ve been warned.

Creative Hearts Ascend: Soul keeping for the Creative Christian

How do you keep your soul alive and engaged on the road to publication? Nurturing a creative soul in the context of a relationship with Jesus is an art. It takes time, discipline, and a heavy dollop of strange. In this class, we’ll use several psalms from the Psalms of Ascent as a launch pad for exploring issues of faith and creativity. Topics include Making Peace with Creative Tension, Transforming Suffering into Art, Accepting Strange Travel Companions, Nurturing and Protecting Your Creative Mind, Reverent or Risky – decisions every Christian creative must make, and more. Learn techniques for surviving the writing life with your soul intact. Discover how to tell, write, and share your story in the way that works for you and to the people God’s meant for you to tell.

God Was My Escape Plan

Find out how Lori tried to escape God’s plan for her to stay put. You’ll laugh until you cry, but you’ll walk away with a new vision for living the Jesus adventure right where you are.

How to Tell the Story Only You Can Tell

You’re bursting to tell others about the work of God in your life, but you’re not sure how. Everyone tells you to write a book, but is that the only avenue for delivering your story, and will it be fiction, non-fiction, or both? In this workshop, you’ll learn tools for determining your core message, and determining the best vehicle to deliver it. Using this proven method, you’ll not only decide on your genre; you’ll also have a head start on building your audience, finding your voice, pitching to agents/editors, and engaging in marketing.

How Hobbits Learn to Market Their Stories

If you prefer to remain in your safe hobbit hole writing while ignoring the world, if you break into a cold sweat when you think about marketing, if you think self-promotion is akin to a root canal, this is the workshop for you. Learn some mental and spiritual strategies for maintaining perspective on sales and marketing. This activity that sounds suspect is God’s way of helping you find the people who need your message and will respond to your voice. Learn from a hobbit who made the leap and learned to love the adventure. You’ll leave with a new vision for marketing and an outline for your marketing plan.

The Secret Ingredients for Elephant Repellent

Discover the process for creating killer titles, devising compelling openings, and infusing your stories with humor in your non-fiction writing. Warning: This practicum will feel like fun but stretch first, it’s work and we don’t want anyone to cramp up. Leave with a proven process for devising titles that must be explored.

On a Mission from God – Called to Write but Clueless about How

This workshop is designed for beginning writers. Introduction to Christian writing 101.

Creative Hearts Ascend: Using Your Creative Gifts to Free Others

Imagine tapping into the creative potential of every member of your congregation or small group. Imagine appropriating this potential to empower individuals to understand God’s Word. And what if this creative power could help build Christian community and reach the unsaved?

Writers who teach or who create Bible studies and curriculum will benefit from this class on creative methods to help people connect with God and with one another while studying His word. Your creative perspective is exactly the tool needed to engage introverts, hands-on learners, and other creatives in a deeper understanding of Jesus.