Event & Retreat Topics

Invisible People – The Pain and Power of Living Unseen

We think our greatest challenge is that our lives are not significant, but truly, our greatest challenge is that our lives have eternal significance that is hidden from us. Uncover the power of understanding what it means that we are Seen by God, that we See God, and that we now see the Unseen the world cannot see.

Courage and Confidence to Carry On

These are tough times. Many of us long for the courage and confidence to carry on our work and “carry on” when it’s important to cause a holy ruckus. Through hilarious, transparent tales of her own fumbles at bravery and a deep dive into how several Bible figures discovered the source for courage, Lori reveals how we all can access Christ-centered courage and confidence.

Hard Conversations Workshops

You have a tough message to deliver to people who may not want to listen. How do you engage them without compromising truth? How do you tell loved ones hard things? How do you navigate conflict, disease, or death? How do you invite skeptics into your worldview? How do you exhort, confront, or correct other Christians without engaging in a meddling or preaching?

This workshop will give you proven, concrete techniques and behind the scenes heart strategies for engaging in effective hard conversations.

or Helping Others Have Hard Conversations – Do you shepherd other people? Are you a leader at work, home, church, or in your ministry? Are you a parent? How do we equip others to have hard conversations?

This workshop will give you proven, concrete techniques and behind the scenes heart strategies for equipping others to engage in effective hard conversations.

or The Art of Hard Conversations in Writing – a version of this workshop for writers seeking to engage and persuade.

Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life

Does your group long to be effective and fruitful in their faith? Are you facing giants?

Using humor, stories, and sound biblical teaching, let Lori show you how one fairy tale and ten Bible verses can free you to live effectively and fruitfully for Jesus! Click HERE to find what others are saying.

You’ll walk away with at least eight new ideas for ways to grow up in Jesus. And if your group is inspired, you can follow up with an eight week study using Jesus and the Beanstalk (Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life)


Creative, Worshipful Lives

What do our lives look like when our worship expands from one weekly gathering to an hour-by-hour lifestyle? How do we, made in our Father’s image, reflect His creativity in our worship and in our lives? Lori will renew your vision for the power released through creative, worshipful living and help you reimagine the adventure of following Jesus.

God Was My Escape Plan

Find out how Lori tried to escape God’s plan for her to stay put. You’ll laugh until you cry, but you’ll walk away with a new vision for living the Jesus adventure right where you are.

Bless Your Heart

Through hilarious stories and transparent sharing, Lori will teach about God’s plan for our emotional lives. Come away knowing His power to redeem even our feelings.

Why Dwarves Need Elves

God had a wonderful idea and that was to invite each of His followers into the Body of Christ. We were designed to live in relationship with others, but we sure make a mess of that at times. You’ll laugh through this talk, but you’ll also come away with a renewed commitment to work out those challenging relationships within your church.

Lori Will Help You Design Your Event or Retreat

Allow Lori to come alongside you to help plan the perfect topic for your group!

Lori has planned numerous retreats and workshops through the years so if you would also like help determining other aspects of the event such as schedule, music, activities, and creative ideas, we can work all of that out in one or two conversations!

Contact Lori today to begin the conversation and soon you’ll have an event that engages, inspires, instructs, and sends people away with next steps for life change that lasts.


Creative Hearts Ascend: Soul keeping for the Creative Christian

How do you keep your soul alive and engaged on the road to publication? Nurturing a creative soul in the context of a relationship with Jesus is an art. It takes time, discipline, and a heavy dollop of strange. In this class, we’ll use several psalms from the Psalms of Ascent as a launch pad for exploring issues of faith and creativity. Topics include Making Peace with Creative Tension, Transforming Suffering into Art, Accepting Strange Travel Companions, Nurturing and Protecting Your Creative Mind, Reverent or Risky – decisions every Christian creative must make, and more. Learn techniques for surviving the writing life with your soul intact. Discover how to tell, write, and share your story in the way that works for you and to the people God’s meant for you to tell.

Creative Hearts Ascend: Using Your Creative Gifts to Free Others

Imagine tapping into the creative potential of every member of your congregation or small group. Imagine appropriating this potential to empower individuals to understand God’s Word. And what if this creative power could help build Christian community and reach the unsaved?

Writers who teach or who create Bible studies and curriculum will benefit from this class on creative methods to help people connect with God and with one another while studying His word. Your creative perspective is exactly the tool needed to engage introverts, hands-on learners, and other creatives in a deeper understanding of Jesus.