Mentoring & Coaching

Creative Hearts Ascend: Soul-Keeping Along the Long Writing Road

The road to reaching your writing goals can be long, arduous, and lonely. It can take a toll on the writing soul. In this workshop, we’ll discuss steps to take to achieve your writing goals, as well as spiritual strategies for surviving with your soul intact. Practical career tips combined with spiritual disciplines and an eternal, kingdom-informed perspective.

Mentoring and Group Coaching

I have a heart for encouraging beginning writers and bloggers, especially those who serve in the rocky soil of New England!

If you need training, mentoring, or guidance in the area of writing, blogging, or social media, contact me and we can chat about my extremely affordable rates. If you live near two or three other Christian writers, I’m happy to discuss a rate for group coaching and meet with you monthly or every other month in person (if local) or via Skype otherwise!