Today’s Riddle: How is Bernie Sanders like an Alarm Clock?

The truth of Jesus Christ has always been offensive.

From the start, no one liked being told they weren’t good enough for God. Especially not the ones who were doing all they could to be good enough, and who felt very satisfied with the job they were doing.

The truth at the core of our faith is so offensive, the first Christians were threatened, cast out of their places of worship, bullied, pressured to be silent, exiled, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, stoned, and killed.

Early believers would never have tried to spread the gospel as a means of life improvement. They spread the truth at great cost because it is eternal truth.

For a brief heartbeat of history, one corner of the world became politer about rejecting the truth. Continue Reading →

The Most Powerful Act Humans Can Engage in This Side of Glory

Most Christians prepare to guard against threats from outsiders. Too often, though, our deepest wound turns out to be an “inside job.”

Ask King David.

The warrior king was heroic. Proven in battle against enemy nations.

Those who opposed the people of God found David a formidable opponent. He’d learned to rely completely on God and turned to Yahweh before every engagement. So, God’s true enemy knew David was most vulnerable at home.

David’s first taste of this threat was dodging Saul’s spears. Continue Reading →

Hey! You Don’t Have to Stand for This!

The young man stood with his arms crossed. “My dad says I don’t have to stand for any of this.”

I stopped my paperwork and turned to look at him. I liked the kid. Despite his chronic late arrivals and his clear preference for chatting with members over cleaning equipment, he had an “everyman” quality I appreciated. “I’ll bite. What exactly does your father say you don’t have to stand for?”

“All these extra trainings you say are mandatory. He says I don’t have to stand for stuff like that at a minimum wage job.” He tried to look me in the eye as he spoke, but to his credit, he couldn’t hold my gaze. Continue Reading →


I’m enjoying a much needed vacation and was so pleased to be awarded the Director’s Choice Award at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference for Jesus and the Beanstalk (Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life).  Joining you all in praying for those in the line of persecution and terrorist attack.

Today’s guest post is from a dear, godly writer Nancy Wolfe. I’ll be back to blogging by the end of next week (Lord willing). 


Love, compassion, truth, bathrooms, refugees, politics, faith.

Taxes, health-care, international relations, rights, obligations.

Conversations are heated. Editorials are harsh and pointed. Social media threads get contentious and off-topic at the speed of light. Not to mention the marches and protests. Taking a knee or making the sign of the cross.

It is everywhere, coming from all directions. Continue Reading →

Why I No Longer Take God on Vacation

We look forward to vacations, because they give us a chance to exhale and breathe. But, sometimes, in an attempt to escape life as we know it for a week, we leave God at home.

We don’t do it on purpose. We even pack our suitcases with good intentions: Bible, journal, Bible study, and pens. Check, check, check, and check. It is at this point our experiences may differ.

You may follow through as intended. Too often, however, I don’t.

Once home, unpacking an unused Bible left me feeling as if I’d missed out on something special during my vacation. And I had. But life quickly ensued and the yearning for something more while on vacation faded into the background of a busy life. That is, until the next time I unpacked an unused Bible. Continue Reading →

When the Headlines Mention Crematoriums and Mass Graves

You consider yourself a fairly positive person.

You don’t load every text with smiley faces or wish everyone a nice day, but you’ve made it a habit to live by faith, to open your eyes to the good that God may be working through trials, to praise God in the storm.

But, when the evening news rolls footage of those who stagger, displaced, along the Syrian border,

when the headlines contain words like “crematoriums” and “mass graves,”

when weeping mothers appear on screen and you don’t need to hear the translation to understand their agony,

positive fades in the rear-view mirror of your soul.

These are Psalm 120 times. Times of distress, of lying lips and deceiving tongues, when even pew-sitters sense the urge to call upon the Lord. Continue Reading →

Things just aren’t coming together the way you’d planned

Things just aren’t coming together the way you’d planned.

This was the road you felt sure God led you to take. You’re no day-tripper with God. You’ve signed on for life. The eternal kind.

And you’re not one to go off-roading. No. You take the directions seriously. You keep your eyes on those Jesus tracks in the sand. You pray. You obey. The best you can for someone relying on grace. You avoid the shadowlands and live in the light – even when it reveals your failings.

Maybe that’s what’s getting to you. The glare. Continue Reading →

Cowards Stay Home from Worship (Brave Hearts Gather)

Sometimes staying home from weekly worship is a necessity. Children need tending, bodies need resting, illness strikes, weariness sets in. There are occasions to pull back, to regroup, to lay low.

Sometimes, though, staying home from weekly worship is an act of cowardice, a passive rebellion, the first step in a walk away from God.

I love the church and believe it was one of God’s best ideas. When we enter into relationship with Him, we enter into a family. We are no longer alone on this outpost of glory. We belong. Continue Reading →

God May Not Be Your Father (or the gospel is only good news if . . .)

My college professor used to repeat this line, “The facts are our friends.”

Out of the dozens of notebooks I filled during those four years, that phrase remains embedded in the fabric of my thinking. Especially valuable in a world rampant with lies.

The air we breathe is part oxygen, part nitrogen, and part delusion. Like helium, this delusion leads us to believe we can fly to heaven with our own wings, rise on the currents of our own empowerment, and soar on our own strength. Continue Reading →

Six Secrets to Share Amongst the Sheep

I speak less now than I ever have. This isn’t a bad thing.

We live in risky times. Sides are being drawn from the White House to the watercooler. Deception is rampant, as are tempers and indignations.

Rumors fly, half-truths circulate, and fingers click on headlines designed to spread viral fear and pestilent propaganda, with high rates of success. We’re still amazingly adept at erecting towers of babble.

People navigate their days with fists-raised, slogans ready, and litmus tests buried like IED’s in everyday conversations. It’s more than a little nerve-wracking for the meek still awaiting the day of our inheritance. Continue Reading →