Family Divide

My mother recently passed and I was left with the task of handling her estate. I’d already been a partner on all of her accounts for 2 years and handled/advised on all financial and logistical work as her power of attorney. She made the decisions and I carried them out. After she passed we discovered that several hundred thousand dollars in family heirlooms had been stolen while she was in the hospital a few months prior to her passing. All of the evidence implicates a member of our family and others may have been involved. Our family is now divided because over half of the family is defending the apparent guilty party without seeing the evidence (our family is geographically divided). I have audio and video recordings that illustrate that I was a good son to my mother, that she didn’t trust the other member, and she makes statements that implicate the member. Her remarks are based on the member’s actions before we even knew items had been stolen. I’m left with a decision that’s hard. I don’t want to have the conversation because it’s likely the family will do as they always have and defend the member who’s implicated. Legally I’ve been advised I have sufficient basis for a civil case with a good chance of winning. The criminal investigation ended with insufficient evidence. Is it worth all the effort to try and fix the family or am i right to just walk away and let sleeping dogs lie? I’ve prayed and feel that God is working with these people in his own way and time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a difficult situation to navigate, however, I would have to try and let the Lord deal with each person.