• The Blessed Theology of “Enough”

    When I was young (back when gifts only appeared on birthdays and Christmas and allowances were a kid’s only means of obtaining stuff in between) I used to try to save up for things. Sometimes, the thing I wanted was truly out of reach. I can recall once or twice my parents asking how much …[ read more ]

  • Bring Out Your Dead – This Week’s Call to Worship

    Standing at the deathbed of a friend, I made a promise to another. We watched as the nurse felt the hands and feet of our barely breathing loved one to assess for the presence of remaining life. “Promise me,” my healthy friend whispered, “you’ll make them check me thoroughly for signs of life. My hands and feet …[ read more ]

  • As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

    Here is one way I know the old cliché that “Jesus is the answer” is true: Every day, I stand in the living rooms of hurting families. Some are in trailers or run-down complexes populated by tenants on public assistance. Some are in private estates, larger than I would ever dream of owning, equipped with …[ read more ]

  • Shepherds, Cowherds and The Secret of Life

    So, even though King David lived in ancient Israel before cell phones, laptops, call waiting and 300 cable channels, he understood the problem of modern man. In Psalm 86:11b he cries out “Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.” An undivided heart? Some days I can barely find an undivided minute! …[ read more ]