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  • A Bad Diagnosis

    Three times, I’ve been relieved to hear a bad diagnosis. Only people who have struggled with mysterious symptoms that seem to have no treatment, no abatement, no cure will understand how a bad or delayed diagnosis can be good news. Years ago, my husband’s life was, for five years, like a real life medical drama. He battled …[ read more ]

  • Can You Hear the Blood on the Beach Cry Out?

    Everyone knows that a story written in blood demands to be heard. But, it’s not always that simple. Whenever a group of Christians is rounded up and murdered in Jesus’ name, there are some non-Christians who get caught in the crossfire. Not everyone known as a Christian has actually entered into a relationship with Jesus. …[ read more ]

  • Young Men in the Shadow of Christian Grey

    Much is said about the potential damage that 50 Shades of Grey could cause women but I’m not hearing much about the damage it will cause to men. I spoke recently with a young man who walked in on a 50 Shades of Grey event at a local establishment. He was clearly confused by it. …[ read more ]

  • That Moment We Part Ways – If Only for a Time

    In every great quest story, the ones where a group of friends ventures out on a dangerous task, there comes a deciding moment. In that moment, the odds against them seem overwhelming. There are threats on every side. And yet, it’s clear the quest must be accomplished. At that moment, there is usually a debate. …[ read more ]

  • Epic Rudeness and Where It Leads

    In my household, I have declared myself “The Arbiter of Big Deals.” No one else in my family is qualified to decide whether or not something is a “big deal.” This has come about because other members of my household overuse phrases such as “It’s not a big deal.” “Why are you making this into …[ read more ]