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  • I Want People to Stop Yelling at Me

    Passion inspires me. I respect passion. I find it contagious. I’m also a fan of enthusiasm and zeal. What does not float my boat is strident harping, badgering, fear-mongering, chicken-littling, and dramatic pronouncements disguised as prophetic utterances. I dislike rumor, innuendo, gossip, slander, boasting, and lies. In other words, presidential election years do not take …[ read more ]

  • The “Have a Good Day” Heresy

    How can pursuing a good day possibly be evil? During a prospective employee assessment for a job policing aliens in Men in Black, Will Smith is handed a gun and presented with a simulation of a dangerous situation. It’s a dark city street. Late at night. The street swarms with vicious looking aliens and one …[ read more ]

  • What Light in this Present Darkness?

    Are you finally angry enough to invest energy in fighting the true enemy? I sat beside a lovely professional woman this week. I like this girl. She’s snarky, intelligent, and strong. We don’t know one another well but we get along. So, I was shocked to hear her make this pronouncement as she scrolled through …[ read more ]

  • Catch-and-Release Evangelism

    Do you know people who spread the gospel for sport? I’ve been guilty of this. Practicing a sort of catch and release mentality in the process of fishing for men. A process whereby one snags a live one, reels it in, weighs it, adds it to the tally, but then tosses it back. The soul …[ read more ]

  • I Write to Rouse the Rabble

    Crowds will gather everywhere this week. To worship – To spectate – To dine – To consume – To partake of entertainment It’s America, after all.   There will be crowds at churches, in football stadiums, restaurants and family dinner tables, malls, and movie theaters. The crowds will gather and they’ll judge. Was it the …[ read more ]