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  • There’s Something Wrong with my Church

    Visitors to the church I attend may not notice it immediately but something’s wrong with my church. I’m not sure how they can avoid seeing it since it’s so apparent to those of us sitting in the pews every week. Something’s very wrong with us. And, it’s not just one something. It must be many …[ read more ]

  • This I Do Declare in the Name of Freedom

    Here are two simple thoughts for Independence weekend: If there is no Creator, than we have no endowment of unalienable rights. We are adrift and subject to the whims of those who rise to power by whatever means available to them. We do have a Creator but woe to us on the day that those …[ read more ]

  • Five Ways to Silence a Christian

    #1. Calling a Christian a sinner will silence him or her. This strategy won’t work for long but it does give most believers pause. It’s weird for Christians when someone tries to shout us down or shut us up by calling us sinners. Weird because it’s not only true that we’re sinners but it’s actually …[ read more ]

  • Life without Sex – A Secret Known by Millions

    Last night I watched a zombie movie with my daughter. Not my usual fare but it fascinated me because I saw a correlation to the times in which we live. The speed at which the zombie virus spread from person to person is similar to the rapid-fire spread of deception in modern times. There are …[ read more ]

  • The Strange, the Meek, the Inheritors of the World

    Some Bible verses are harder to trust than others. Especially when people shoot Christians inside their own houses of worship Especially when it’s natural to want to retaliate, to talk revenge, to plan self-defense Especially when others exploit the grieving moment to spread lies about us, to try to divide, to further their agendas, to …[ read more ]