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  • Isn’t It Always the Small Things?

    A lone gunman ends countless lives. One rebel group terrorizes a dozen powerful nations. A single decision derails a solid life. One mosquito alters a generation. A lone family member detonates an emotional explosion, rewriting a family’s story. One wish from a dying boy unites a planet. A cancer-laden cell. A missing chromosome. A wandering …[ read more ]

  • Are You Tuned into the Main Event?

    Humans – we’re always more fascinated with the sideshow than we are with the main event, aren’t we? There are majestic elephants in the center ring? Ho-hum, we’ve seen elephants before. Old news, baby. We’re dashing down the curtained alley for a glimpse at the bearded lady. The weird and wild feed our ravenous appetite …[ read more ]

  • When It Feels Like Death is Winning

    Death, you bloody, cruel, heartless, thief, I see you everywhere these days. Crouching in wait, you pounce suddenly on some, stealing them from us before we can turn our heads for one last look at their beautiful smiles, their precious eyes, their gentle hands. Stalking others, invading from within by relentless disease that drains them …[ read more ]

  • The Danger of Settling for Answers (or why seekers fail to find satisfaction)

    This generation worships the seeker. We elevate those on a spiritual quest, the perpetual walkabout traveler, the dreamer whose dreams lead to more dreams. We romanticize the restless wanderer willing to travel endlessly in search of ever-elusive answers. Like Jack Kerouac, we want a spirituality that lives on the road. We believe God is a …[ read more ]

  • The Secret to Saving Tinkerbell

    You know how to keep Tinkerbell alive, don’t you? Fairies die if people don’t believe in them so you must believe or “poof.” A crowd can revive a fairy, if you get them to clap for her and say they believe. The bigger the crowd, the faster she revives. Jesus has nothing in common with …[ read more ]