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  • Lord, Please Change My Crazy Husband!

    Have you ever thought that if only your spouse were more righteous, more Biblical, more favored by God, well, then life would be so much better? Have you thought; if only he followed Jesus closer, read His Bible more, prayed more often, matured in Christ, well, then wouldn’t life be rosy? None of these aspirations …[ read more ]

  • We’ll Start Seeing More Miracles When . . .

    It had been a long time since he’d seen a miracle. You could just tell. It was the way he held back. Placed his cards on the table slowly – studying you through narrowed eyes between each reveal. Gauging your reaction to his story. Like a game of chicken, you kept the cards coming by …[ read more ]

  • When We Gaze into the Wrong Mirrors

    I’ve been looking in all the wrong mirrors, but I’m done now. Mirrors can deceive. Stores install trick mirrors designed to make clothing appear more flattering. Carnivals line the walls of their fun-houses with warped mirrors that distort our perception. Magicians use mirrors carefully angled to create illusions that mystify and delude the audience. Cracked …[ read more ]

  • I Use to Be Snow White

    “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” -Mae West She could be the patron saint of many modern Christians. I’m familiar with the danger of drift. When I was a little girl, we would pack a cooler with tuna sandwiches on white bread, sliced cucumbers, and Kool-Aid in a thermos to spend long, …[ read more ]

  • Just Because I’m a Woman

    Dear Female Pollster Aghast at My Answers “because you’re a woman,” In this day, in this age, in this time of awareness and selective cultural sensitivity (because isn’t my faith a legitimate cultural factor?), it amazes me how clueless you are about who I am, just because I’m a woman. Why do you think you …[ read more ]