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  • Some Giants Die Slowly (Interview with a Giant-Killer #2)

    Dear Reader, I’m honored to bring you today’s interview with Karen R. It’s a powerful testimony to the love of Christ that is stronger than death. I do want to warn any readers who experienced childhood trauma that Karen tells her story using frank and direct words. If you’re someone whose memories may be triggered …[ read more ]

  • Why Some Christians Enjoy Safety, Health, and Peace

    God is never afraid. He doesn’t fear Somalian warlords, the Zika virus, suicide bombers, desert assassins, inner-city riots, California wildfires, Louisiana floods, lone gunmen, or cancer. The presence of these varying forms of violence, whether manmade, natural, or biological, doesn’t prevent the God of the Universe from being present. It doesn’t chase Him out. He …[ read more ]

  • Interview with a Giant-Killer: Meet J.J. Johnson

    Describe the giant in your life and how you overcame: My story is a simple one. I never tried in school. I just didn’t care. I was busy playing in a punk band and trying to write songs. That was the plan. A record deal, a big tour, signing posters, and t-shirts- I had an epic …[ read more ]

  • The Secret You’ll Hate Me for Telling You

    I’ve been thinking about the sacrifices of persecuted Christians in other countries you know, in between television shows and restaurant outings. In wondering about them and what makes them capable of laying down their lives, I’ve also wondered (during breaks from social media and watching the latest Youtube video) what gets in our way that …[ read more ]

  • When You’re a Total Loser

    Sometimes you think you’re getting somewhere, you know, with this whole growing up in Jesus business. You’re hitting your Bible regularly and going deep, not just the quick pass over a verse and a thought but digging in and rocking it. Your prayer life is consistent and gets more involved than “Help!” and “Please!” (not …[ read more ]