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  • Why Don’t You Just Give Up, Old Woman?

    The old woman lived in a village filled with people. She loved them all (well, she tried to love them all. She succeeded with some more than the others; but then, she was a woman who needed Jesus every day. And, she never did stop trying.) So, every day, she studied the Book of truth …[ read more ]

  • The Art of Hard Conversations

    Do you avoid hard conversations? Do you have an aversion to speaking the truth when it’s unpleasant? That’s not uncommon. Me, I have an aversion to yeast. I think it’s creepy when you add the warm water to a packet of yeast and it bubbles as it begins to activate. Totally creeps me out. Here’s …[ read more ]

  • What Responsibility Do Christians Bear for ISIS?

    I faced a hard question this week. It came to me on my knees. So much conversation is in the air about who is responsible for ISIS. What president is most to blame for their existence? Which candidate is most likely to eradicate them? What nation should be addressing them? How does our culture contribute …[ read more ]

  • Twin Giants (Interview with a Giant-Slayer #4)

    Sometimes giants come in pairs. In order to face and forgive the giant who abused her, Pam had to face down the inner giant of fear. God didn’t leave her alone with either one. I’m grateful to Pam Halter for her willingness to be transparent and brave in sharing the story of the day she faced down …[ read more ]

  • How to Survive a Pharisee Apocalypse

    Do you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Within the church, we’re at much higher risk for a more dangerous contagion. Let me start with a little story. Once, I worked with a mother who requested help. She’s on her own with no extended family and was struggling to know how best to manage …[ read more ]