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  • Christians Should Stop Lying to People

    We need to stop lying to people. Maybe it will help if we stop lying to ourselves. We say all the time that people will find answers in Jesus Christ. That’s only partially true. I’ve followed Jesus for over fifty years and I have some answers to some questions but at times of great personal …[ read more ]

  • Accounting for Lifeblood Shed in Orlando

    The news greets you on your phone only seconds after you silence the alarm. It’s the notifications you see. So many from the Associated Press you know there’s been an incident. Your first thought is where? Mentally, you locate your people. You disregard the number, twenty dead and forty-three wounded because it’s a first count, …[ read more ]

  • Trying to Tone Down Jesus

    I gave Him the once over. Me:     “Okay, fine. You can come with me when I meet these people for dinner but you need to wear clothes designed in this century – something simple like jeans and a T-shirt. And, I don’t know, can you handle a hat?” J:         “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Me:     …[ read more ]

  • Act NOW! This is Not a Drill.

    All the best illusionists know it’s vital to divert the crowd’s attention – to distract, disconcert, obfuscate, lead astray. When attempting to determine a magician’s trick, the real trick is not to look where he is directing your attention. All grifters, cons, scammers, and frauds work on a similar platform. Flash engaging smile at the …[ read more ]

  • Discovering Freedom in All the Things You’re Not

    Do you ever lose track of who you are? It’s so easy to do. Pressure at work. Ministry demands. Family obligations. Creative urges. Financial concerns. And with summer here, we often connect with others who haven’t updated their vision of us in a long time, creating a whole new layer of dynamics. It takes some …[ read more ]