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  • When Christians Disagree

    It’s likely that you and I don’t agree on everything. Theoretically, we know that. Theoretically, we still love one another, you know, because we’re one family under God. Theoretically, we, in the church, form a beautiful tapestry, our differences of opinion devising the colors and textures that give depth to the work of the kingdom. …[ read more ]

  • Five Summer Binges for the Soul

    It’s summertime and that means it’s time to binge. People indulge in all sorts of binges during vacation time. We binge on the beach, the sun, the surf, on fruit, fresh corn, Netflix, novels, and sleep. Nothing wrong with that but with summer bringing a change in routine, why not also indulge in some binges …[ read more ]

  • Where Did Following Jesus Take You (Or Jesus Through the Looking Glass)

    Portals and doorways fascinate us, not because they are so engaging in themselves but entirely because they lead us somewhere. When Alice slipped through the looking glass, she stuck around to explore Wonderland. When Lucy walked through the back wall of the wardrobe, she explored Narnia. When Dr. Who invites passengers into the Tardis, they …[ read more ]

  • We Are Not of Those Who Shrink Back and Are Destroyed

    In the light of a new day, facing more headlines, another body count, more cries for war and tears for peace, we will be tempted to lose heart. And we would, in fact, lose heart, if not for Jesus Christ. For in these times when we grieve, we lament, we keenly feel our mortality, our …[ read more ]

  • I Don’t Want You to Read This Blog Post (a lesson in backfire)

    The world is ablaze with righteous indignation. Arrows fly and I’ve grown weary of dodging them. Haven’t you? Weary of headlines. Weary of blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, and op eds. Weary of debates in the lunchroom and at the dinner table, over coffee after church. We volley the blame ball from one hand to …[ read more ]