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  • When Death and the Devil Appear to Win the Day (What We Do to Hold On)

    *For happy news and a baby picture, scroll to the end of this post. None of us likes to lose – neither to opponents nor to hardship nor to death. There’s no glory in failure, in the dissolution of dreams, in defeat. And while we put on brave faces for the world or for the …[ read more ]

  • Weary of Words, But Full of Hope Facing Tuesday

    Our ears are full of words. Opinions, prophecies, warnings, and editorials deluge us as if, in 2020, all the water we’ve thirsted to receive has been woven into words that neither replenish our wells nor quench our thirst for truth. And I know I’ve tarried to write a post but that is why. We’re word …[ read more ]

  • This One Brief Life We Have to Offer – Some Briefer Still

    So, I’m thinking about my brother, John the Baptist – the fire burst of his young life and the tragic waste of his death at the order of a narcissist and his self-indulgent sister-in-law bedmate. And I’m listening to a speech by my brother Chadwick – the whirlwind power of his young life and the tragic waste of his death to a …[ read more ]

  • Does This Year Make Me Look Self-Righteous?

    Like so many of you, my heart hurts. I’m weary from grief. I’m worn out with change. My heart weeps for everyone facing prolonged separations from dear ones or who buried family without the comfort of a funeral. And for all who celebrated major life passages with modified or delayed celebrations. The thought of a …[ read more ]

  • You and I Are in Danger

    You and I are in danger. We are at risk of losing heart. I know this the same way I know of God’s love for me – “for the Bible tells me so.” God warns us in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” If we must “keep” …[ read more ]