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  • The Correct Way to Correct the Church

    It’s not a secret there are times when the church of Jesus doesn’t get it right. It’s not enough to comment that “everyone is a sinner,” or to rush to remind everyone about forgiveness and grace. We are the body of Christ. We have every spiritual blessing through Jesus and everything we need for life …[ read more ]

  • Why Do We Need Shoes in God’s Armor

    How sure of you of your footing? It’s something we often don’t even consider until we’ve landed flat on our backsides. I’ve been doing a new exercise regimen – and one fascinating aspect has been the early emphasis on my feet. Workouts are done barefoot with great focus on the connection between my feet and …[ read more ]

  • Don’t Give Up on Being Close to God

    Do you sometimes feel as though other people know God but you’re just going through the motions? You want to know Him. You do all the things (you think). You worship. You attend Bible Study, and you even do the homework. You’ve been baptized. One of the presets in your car is for K-Love, and …[ read more ]

  • One Way to Be Delivered from Fear is to Walk Through It

    There is more than one way to be delivered from fear. Take for instance, my lifelong fear of being bitten by a dog. It probably began when I was introduced to my grandfather’s German Shepherd, Babe. He was, by all accounts, a gentle and loving dog but I was a toddler, and he was so …[ read more ]

  • Are Christians Called to Defend the Rainbow?

    Are Christians called to defend the rainbow? Let me say from the start of this post that I hold to a traditional, biblical perspective on marriage, gender, and sexual expression. I believe marriage between a man and a woman is a holy institution designed by God to reflect His relationship with the church. I believe …[ read more ]