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  • When Following Jesus Takes an Ugly Turn

    There are days when we all wonder if other Christians have even met the same Jesus we know. While we know there are a variety of Bible translations, it can feel as though some Christians received a Bible full of Jesus smiles, children laughing, and Kum Ba Yah, while others cherish one full of thorns, …[ read more ]

  • A Line of Duty Death

    Died in the line of duty. This is what we commemorated on Memorial Day. Those who died serving our country. None of them wanted the death that stalked them, overcoming them far too soon, but that was their story. I began the day at the National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This park with its pavers, statue, and …[ read more ]

  • Maybe You Can’t Handle the Truth

    “I’ve read the story you sent me. It’s not good. Try another form of writing.” A literary agent sent that comment in response to my first attempt at fiction. “You don’t even know what you’re trying to say, Lori. Until you do, you shouldn’t try to get someone to publish you.” Words from one of the first …[ read more ]

  • When Evil has a Lovely Mother

    What if you met the mother of evil and thought she was a lovely woman? Would you then invite evil over for cookies? In Men in Black, Will Smith engages in training to battle alien invaders. During a simulation, he and the other trainees encounter a scene that involves a little girl walking in a …[ read more ]

  • When We Disagree

    A zealot, a tax collector, a Pharisee, and a fisherman all sit at a table to share a meal. There’s little on which they agree. Their approaches to life’s big questions are as different as their professions and politics. During the meal, the volume rises. Heads shake. Eyes roll. Faces flush. But, when the meal …[ read more ]