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  • When We Disagree

    A zealot, a tax collector, a Pharisee, and a fisherman all sit at a table to share a meal. There’s little on which they agree. Their approaches to life’s big questions are as different as their professions and politics. During the meal, the volume rises. Heads shake. Eyes roll. Faces flush. But, when the meal …[ read more ]

  • Where’s My Cool Iron Suit – Following Jesus when You Feel Vulnerable

    Ahh, the life of a Christian writer. In the wake of my father’s death four short weeks ago, I’ve been blind-sided by unprecedented family upheaval on top of the fresh grief. All this in the midst of speaking and promotion for my new book, The Art of Hard Conversations. It’s left me feeling exposed and …[ read more ]

  • The Half-Life of a Believer Lingering in the Tomb

    Death is a cold thud onto unforgiving earth. It’s the keening wail of a bereft soul. Death is an empty stare. An icy rain. A debt come due in a dry season. An unwelcome knock at the door. A thief in the night. A dagger at your rib. A hand around your throat. A betrayal. …[ read more ]

  • My Father Has Gone Home

    My father died at 2:16 am on Wednesday this week after four years battling liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. He fully enjoyed most of the past four years until the illness truly took its toll. He and I were able to spend hours and hours together through this time. It may be a couple of …[ read more ]

  • The Alternative

    I can get pretty worked up imagining that the furthering of the kingdom of God depends on me. How am I going to convince people of the existence of God? How will I share the gospel with everyone in my life? When will I ever find time to research every trending controversy and know the …[ read more ]