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  • Let Us Make a Plan Today – Before the Results Come In

    Let us make a plan today – now – before the results come in – To seek God’s face To confess our sin and repent of all wrongdoing To recommit our lives to Jesus Christ, to obedience, to sacrifice, to truth, and to love To turn from fear and embrace faith in the Only One …[ read more ]

  • Why We Should Play at Our Faith

    This season takes me back to my children’s childhood. I loved choosing their gifts. I reveled in finding just the right book, toy, craft, or piece of equipment that would spark their imaginations, encourage an interest, or strengthen a quality I saw emerging in their unique personalities. There’s always been a creative wildness in my …[ read more ]

  • Awkward Evangelists, Bumbling Missionaries

    Hey, pssst, you there – yes, you. We need to chat. This isn’t a post for someone else. Yes, I know you think I’m not aware it’s you reading this but I am. You’re precisely the one I mean to reach. God’s not messing around, you know that, don’t you? And by God, I’m not …[ read more ]

  • My Thoughts on Nasty Women

    Ah, the low-hanging fruit of a political debate. Donald Trump comments that Hilary Clinton is a nasty woman and Elizabeth Warren embraces the label as a title to wear with pride. “Nasty women vote!” she proclaims. Seriously. I mean, I get it. It’s a comeback that writes itself but, as a woman, I find it …[ read more ]

  • Satan Runs a Numbers Game but We Don’t Have to Play

    Satan doesn’t wear red silk pajamas and horns, nor does he carry a pitchfork. No, Satan wears a suit from Brooks Brothers, horn-rimmed glasses, a visor, and he comes at you armed with an adding machine. See, Satan runs a backroom numbers game and he’s always showing up to check your tally. How much do …[ read more ]