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  • When Friends Lay Dying and School Children are Shot Down

    My friend and your sister in Christ, Kate Hinke, entered hospice care this week. She has lived for Jesus, passionate about furthering God’s kingdom on earth and representing Him well in every aspect of her life. I wrote this post earlier this summer when she let me know the cancer treatments weren’t working. It’s here …[ read more ]

  • Go Ahead! Get Mad at This Post! I Want You To . . .

    No one should have to walk on eggshells around people who can walk on water. That’s what I think. There are Christians who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and then there are touchy religious people who take offense at every turn. Which we are, is largely up to us. I once met with a group …[ read more ]

  • We All Need to Prepare for What’s Coming this Weekend

    Thinking about phoning it in at church this weekend? I’ve done that. Hey, it’s just a regular worship day. Nothing special happening, right? Lots of people don’t even go to church. Not expecting much to happen. Is anyone? It’s not like it’s revival week or Easter. There is One who’s expecting something to happen. Every …[ read more ]

  • The One Tradition All Christians Should Observe

    God asks us to do the impossible. In these days, these days of abusers, users, addicts, enablers, entitled mindsets, terrorists, and anti-Christian worldviews, in these days He refuses to release us from the command to love. How are we supposed to do that? Seriously, most days we look like chumps. Smart money in 2016 is …[ read more ]

  • Why Don’t You Just Give Up, Old Woman?

    The old woman lived in a village filled with people. She loved them all (well, she tried to love them all. She succeeded with some more than the others; but then, she was a woman who needed Jesus every day. And, she never did stop trying.) So, every day, she studied the Book of truth …[ read more ]