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  • Sometimes Sin is a Sign

    Sometimes we lose it with people. It takes a lot. We’re not quick to anger. We’re the ones called to patient endurance, long-suffering, and persistence. We’re the people tasked with teaching, counseling, shepherding, discipling, and leading. We usually like people, even the challenging ones. We’re realistic. We anticipate slow growth. We expect setbacks. We’re prepared …[ read more ]

  • When You Have to Do What’s Impossible to Do

    “I could never do what you’re doing.” I’ve heard that line many times over the past six years. My reply is always the same. “Neither can I.” Many of you face unexpected circumstances, tragedies, or trials you wouldn’t choose for yourself in the great box store of life choices. You’ve also likely heard the comment …[ read more ]

  • The Problem with You Christians Is . . .

    There were times Jesus drew people to Himself, and times when He drove them away. Truths He told that inspired people to love Him, and truths He told that incited them to kill Him. While Jesus certainly listened to people and we know by His actions that He loved them, I don’t get the impression …[ read more ]

  • Let’s Not Pretend – Not Even for a Moment

    Let’s not pretend, even for a minute, that God’s Word isn’t powerful, dangerous, and newsworthy. Let’s not be shocked at the headlines, the Twitter feeds, or the backlash. Let’s not, even for a minute, act as though reciting God’s Word in public should be greeted with the same response as quoting famous poetry or prophets or …[ read more ]

  • Why Christians Must Be Relentless about This One Thing

    There are plenty of debatable issues among Christians. Valid topics on which reasonable believers disagree. The life of a Jesus-follower is marked by freedom from judgment and condemnation because of the work of Jesus on the cross, so we should give one another a wide berth. There’s one subject, however, on which the Bible is …[ read more ]