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  • We’re Going to Disappoint Each Other

    We’re going to disappoint each other. This pandemic is unprecedented. We’re bushwacking on a global scale. And we’re not going to get it right every time. Our leaders will let us down and we’ll let them down. Sure, there will be heartwarming stories of heroism, sacrifice, and community that will make headlines, but for one …[ read more ]

  • Disaster, Disease, and the Dow – Is this the End? It May Be.

    Of course, we’re asking the question. I mean, some of us are too sophisticated to ask it aloud. It’s not like this is our first round of natural disasters, viral pandemics, and societal upheaval. Seriously, we survived the sixties, Vietnam, H1N1, 9/11 and it’s not like we’re in the midst of WWI or II. We’re …[ read more ]

  • One Brave Pastor

    I know of one brave pastor who made a bold move – in the name of love. He loved his congregation – all of them. But, he realized they were all suffering, largely because of the actions of a few. You know those few because they have visited (or taken up residence) in your congregation, …[ read more ]

  • When You’re a Leader in Crisis (and nobody knows)

    You’re in trouble and you know it. But, you’re the only one who does. Others suspect, but it’s not something they’re addressing because you’re the one they look to for their answers. Plus, you keep telling them you’re fine. You’re a leader, teacher, pastor, head of the ministry team, head of the family, missionary, elder, …[ read more ]

  • Invisible Women

    Have you ever felt invisible, unseen, overlooked? I was a bookish, studious, Jesus-loving little girl, so every time I opened a gift from a relative and found a porcelain doll, make-up kit, or glittery pink barrettes, I wondered how I could be so hard to see. Then, as a woman, single well into my twenties, …[ read more ]