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  • You and I Are in Danger

    You and I are in danger. We are at risk of losing heart. I know this the same way I know of God’s love for me – “for the Bible tells me so.” God warns us in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” If we must “keep” …[ read more ]

  • A Viral Unbelief – The Silence of Zechariah

    Why silence Zechariah? Perhaps it was a kindness, an act of mercy. I write for those of us who have entered a relationship with Jesus – many of us decades ago. So, it may seem odd that I want to focus a post on the problem of unbelief. But, this is what I know – …[ read more ]

  • The Hidden Sorrow of Faithfulness in a Fallen World

    Our God is faithful. Even if we are ever not, He always is, of this we can be certain. It’s also clear from Scripture that He calls us to faithfulness. It is, in fact, a fruit of the Holy Spirit – evidence of His presence and work in our lives. And yet, the call to …[ read more ]

  • Pastors and the Pandemic – How Did Our Leaders Do?

    We know the truth of it – it’s easier to critique from the sidelines than it is to be in the game calling the shots in real time. People make careers critiquing from the cheap seats. After the fact, we all see clearly. Some have charts and graphs showing what might have happened in their …[ read more ]

  • Is it My Beliefs about Jesus or Donald Trump that Make Me Christian?

    November is coming and someone is going to lose. We need to act now to prevent Christians from losing more than many imagine is at stake. There is a real risk associated with this election that has nothing to do with which individual wins. There’s the potential that the vitriol and loaded rhetoric between believers …[ read more ]