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  • We Have to Talk about Sex and . . .

    The world is having a conversation and most Christians are hiding from it. That’s not what Jesus would do. This isn’t a post with pat answers because every congregation is interacting with a different community, so how we live this out is going to look different, but I can tell you this – Jesus expects …[ read more ]

  • The Gospel that Hangs on a Nail (or the Devil is in the Distractions)

    Recently, I was offended. Highly offended. Hmph! For twenty-four hours I spun. Replaying the incident. Reliving the exchange. Accusing the other to the Lord. Stating my case. Building my defense – for my snit, for my righteous indignation, for the plan of taking further action, for the sake of the church – after all – …[ read more ]

  • The Very Best Bible Reading Plan You’ll Find This Year (2019)

    ***There’s a surprise gift for you, my faithful readers, at the bottom of this post! Merry Christmas. A struggling family with several teens lived one street over from a popular, restaurant district. Christmas was near, so I asked if they had a wish list. I expected them to clamor for video games, trendy sneakers, or …[ read more ]

  • The Scandal of Christmas and the Invitation to Receive

    Ever see two people fight to pick up a check? A meal shared is a lovely thing but then the bill comes and someone has to pay. I’ve seen people go to astounding lengths – leaping across tables, intercepting waitresses, arm wrestling, artful gymnastics, diversion and trickery – all in order to be the one …[ read more ]

  • Who Are We When We’ve Lost Everything that Mattered

    Have you ever been separated from the things that once defined you? Maybe it was your career, your marriage, your appearance, or an ability you had, but lost. How lost did you feel? How hard was it to meet new people and to answer the most basic questions like where do you live, or what …[ read more ]