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  • The Audacity of a Shared Meal

    I invited myself over for dinner at a friends’ home. I’m not normally one to barge in but it was the first warm evening in a long time. I’d been at a women’s retreat and had enjoyed singing God’s praises with other women for the first time in forever. And it just seemed like too …[ read more ]

  • When the Church is Weak, Is God Still Strong?

    If you haven’t struggled with the happenings of 2020 and now 2021, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s been a rough fourteen months for all of us. And a powerful time of testing for the American church. The Devil’s Schemes When conflict rages, it’s so important for us to remember how our enemy operates (I’m …[ read more ]

  • What to Do When Your Life is on Fire

    I grew up knowing exactly what to do if my clothes caught fire. Stop. Drop. And roll. With all the emphasis of this practice, I fully expected that at some point, surely before I turned sixty, some piece of clothing would spontaneously combust.  I have spent much less time than I anticipated in contact with …[ read more ]

  • How to Hold onto Faith

    Why do people deconstruct their faith and how do those who hold onto faith hold on? Disappointment in the church. Frustration with God. Unanswered prayer. Confusing theology. Scripture out of context. Rumors that God loves genocide and maybe hates your child who is questioning his sexuality. That one preacher assuring Oprah that Hell doesn’t exist. …[ read more ]

  • Is Deconstructing My Faith Our Only Option?

    The church of Jesus Christ can be a terrible let down. Everyone from immature or backslidden believers, false teachers, outright wolves, and misguided yet well-intentioned souls can create pain and sorrow in the lives of other Christians. Everything from boredom to legalism, deception to downright abuse can occur to dishearten even a long-term Christian. And …[ read more ]