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  • The Day I Accidentally Evacuated Starbucks

    Once I accidentally evacuated a Starbucks. Okay, it wasn’t an accident that I did it but it was accidental I had the authority to pull it off. As it happened, I was enjoying some quiet in a window seat at the coffee shop when the fire alarm went off. Initially, I reacted like everyone else …[ read more ]

  • Christian Crank or Life-Giving Messenger from God

    Not sure if you’ve noticed but there are a lot of cranks in the church of Christ. That would be splendid, if we ran like the early Model T’s that required cranking to get their engines revving. In my experience, though, church cranks are more likely to kill momentum than to inspire it. Cranky church …[ read more ]

  • Turn the Radio – Off?

    Driving home from a breakfast date today, I tuned my radio to the local Christian radio station. (That’s right. It’s Rhode Island so I’m only aware of the one.) Here in the rural area of RI, it’s not uncommon to pick up one or two stations at a time on one dial location and that’s …[ read more ]

  • When God Calls Us to Incompetence

    Does God ever call people to incompetence? Does He ever ask us to do things He knows we won’t do as well as someone else could? Yesterday, I read these verses in Habakkuk during my morning devotions: “What profit is an idol when its maker has shaped it, a metal image, a teacher of lies? …[ read more ]

  • The Church Knows Better . . .

    We’re a nation of wrestlers. Daily we contend with the greater issues of our humanity. How do we define gender and sexuality? How do we love our neighbors – those within and those without our borders? How can we protect our loved ones from violence and terrorists? Is it ever moral to take a life? …[ read more ]