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  • Be Wretched and Mourn and Weep

    Let’s not pretend we know how to handle what happened in Las Vegas. Christians know the answer to these distressing times isn’t to harbor anger, hopelessness, or fear. But, let me just say it, it’s also not the answer to pretend to God we aren’t tempted in these directions. Of course, we’re angry! Human life …[ read more ]

  • My Bumbling, Fumbling Mouth Again

    The wrong words emerge from my mouth all the time. I have many friends who don’t share my faith. Several, in fact, who believe it’s pure nonsense to believe in Jesus. It’s an open conversation with most of them – none of us hiding our stand. One girl is given to sarcasm about the church …[ read more ]

  • Meeting God in the Mountains

    If you follow my blog, you know how highly I value creativity. We serve a creative Creator and are made in His image. I believe that exercising creativity in every area of life is part of the joy of following in His footsteps. It’s rare that I use this space to share an interview with …[ read more ]

  • Wounded in the Woods – A Parable of the Dilemma of the Modern Day Church

    There once was a city that became so evil, so destructive, so influenced by its evil prince who was fascinated by death, the only right response for citizens seeking life, was to move to the forest. Life in the forest was hard. No one could do it alone, but living in community was challenging for …[ read more ]

  • Faith as Blood Sport

    If your father gave you a sword, the first thing he would teach you is to handle it with care. “Swords are sharp,” he’d say, with a serious scowl. “They’re sharp for a purpose and you’ll learn to use it for that purpose but you must respect the blade. It’s not a toy. Always respect …[ read more ]