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  • The Day My Dad was Almost a Burglar

    Have you ever felt great frustration because your hard work and service weren’t producing the expected results? My daughter was babysitting on the other end of town one night when she called to let me know she’d locked her keys in her car – BOTH sets! I suggested she call the road service, but she …[ read more ]

  • Why Shouldn’t Christians Suffer?

    Why shouldn’t Christians suffer for our faith? Humans are willing to suffer for all kinds of reasons, some of which seem trivial or even foolish to others.  Like camping out overnight in a parking lot to snag concert tickets or swallowing goldfish to set world records. Other types of suffering are more understandable and endured …[ read more ]

  • Today’s Riddle: How is Bernie Sanders like an Alarm Clock?

    The truth of Jesus Christ has always been offensive. From the start, no one liked being told they weren’t good enough for God. Especially not the ones who were doing all they could to be good enough, and who felt very satisfied with the job they were doing. The truth at the core of our …[ read more ]

  • The Most Powerful Act Humans Can Engage in This Side of Glory

    Most Christians prepare to guard against threats from outsiders. Too often, though, our deepest wound turns out to be an “inside job.” Ask King David. The warrior king was heroic. Proven in battle against enemy nations. Those who opposed the people of God found David a formidable opponent. He’d learned to rely completely on God …[ read more ]

  • Hey! You Don’t Have to Stand for This!

    The young man stood with his arms crossed. “My dad says I don’t have to stand for any of this.” I stopped my paperwork and turned to look at him. I liked the kid. Despite his chronic late arrivals and his clear preference for chatting with members over cleaning equipment, he had an “everyman” quality …[ read more ]