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  • When God is Being Withholding and Mean

    “I thought you were being mean,” the young ministry worker admitted to me. “I could see that. But, now you think I’m not?” I asked. “When you insisted that I talk with the family about what led them to their situation, I thought you were judging them, but the conversation helped them understand things they …[ read more ]

  • What If I Can’t Make You Happy? (A Word for Survivors and Those Experiencing Depression)

    And what if I can’t make you happy? What if with all my face on the floor, kneeling at my bedside, screaming in the car alone, waking in the night terrified, scripture-informed, spirit-filled, in Jesus’ name intercession you still can’t find the strength to hold on and you let go? What if I have to …[ read more ]

  • To Love is to Risk Losing

    My son-in-law has a new motorcycle. My husband repaired someone’s roof this week – in 90-degree heat – alone. My brother had a stroke. My father was just released from the hospital with more tests to come. To love is to risk losing. To love is to be vulnerable to other people’s choices. To love …[ read more ]

  • We All Secretly Believe in Kings

    We all secretly believe in kings. Which is why we continue to follow the next one, and the next On Twitter At the polls In the ratings Into battle Until they topple, feet of clay exposed to external stressors. We swear we’ll never believe again. We steel ourselves and erect scaffolding around our teetering …[ read more ]

  • You Are Missing Out on Something that Could Change Your Life

    I was an obedient child – mostly by default. Afraid of my own shadow, rebellion even in its smallest forms terrified me. No great credit, that. Finding Jesus early, fearful by nature, and inclined to see the wisdom in boundaries, you’d think I’d be immune to temptation. But, you see, no one is. That’s the …[ read more ]