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  • Don’t Make Your Children’s Dreams Come True This Christmas

    If you believe all the commercials and holiday specials, Christmas is about making dreams come true. Funny, no one told Jesus. He didn’t come to work for Walt Disney; He came to fulfill His Father’s will. Ask Mary. It wasn’t her dream to start her married life under a cloud of suspicion. Ask Joseph. It …[ read more ]

  • Manger Danger

    I woke to the headline that a church in Massachusetts has added what many are touting as a “modern twist” to their nativity. In fact, their addition is actually quite spot-on to the historical birth of Jesus. This church added lists of mass shootings to the walls behind Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, hoping to raise our consciousness …[ read more ]

  • Only Christians Are Equipped for Matt Lauer Headlines

    You and I encounter people every day who monitor our responses, anticipating judgment or condemnation, simply because of what they’ve heard about Christians. Most of these individuals believe truth is relative, everyone should do pretty much as they please (except we shouldn’t bully or tell others what to do), and that Christians have created God, …[ read more ]

  • How Many Lights Do You See – Four or Five? (the scandal of certainty in uncertain times)

    A simple phrase at the start of Luke’s gospel sucker-punched the solar plexus of my soul. Luke is the logical gospel for the season, so I dove in headlong, not suspecting any immediate surprise in such familiar territory. Suddenly, there it was, this throbbing heart hunger, identified and called out by the author/physician at the …[ read more ]

  • Don’t Treat Jesus Like a Baby

    You know how sometimes when you go home at Christmas, your family treats you like you’re still a kid even though you’re twenty-three? or fifty-six? Sometimes, especially at Christmas, we treat Jesus as if He was still a baby. He’s not. The babe in a manger grew up, took the sins of all humanity upon …[ read more ]