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  • Things just aren’t coming together the way you’d planned

    Things just aren’t coming together the way you’d planned. This was the road you felt sure God led you to take. You’re no day-tripper with God. You’ve signed on for life. The eternal kind. And you’re not one to go off-roading. No. You take the directions seriously. You keep your eyes on those Jesus tracks …[ read more ]

  • Cowards Stay Home from Worship (Brave Hearts Gather)

    Sometimes staying home from weekly worship is a necessity. Children need tending, bodies need resting, illness strikes, weariness sets in. There are occasions to pull back, to regroup, to lay low. Sometimes, though, staying home from weekly worship is an act of cowardice, a passive rebellion, the first step in a walk away from God. …[ read more ]

  • God May Not Be Your Father (or the gospel is only good news if . . .)

    My college professor used to repeat this line, “The facts are our friends.” Out of the dozens of notebooks I filled during those four years, that phrase remains embedded in the fabric of my thinking. Especially valuable in a world rampant with lies. The air we breathe is part oxygen, part nitrogen, and part delusion. …[ read more ]

  • Six Secrets to Share Amongst the Sheep

    I speak less now than I ever have. This isn’t a bad thing. We live in risky times. Sides are being drawn from the White House to the watercooler. Deception is rampant, as are tempers and indignations. Rumors fly, half-truths circulate, and fingers click on headlines designed to spread viral fear and pestilent propaganda, with …[ read more ]

  • You May Be Worshiping Wrong

    There was a great sadness in the woman before me as we discussed the dysfunction of her marriage. “Does he ever bring you gifts?” I asked. She nodded, staring out the window. “He brings me gifts all the time, but nothing I desire. He brings what he wants to give, what he wants to be …[ read more ]