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  • Once Upon a Time, A Boy Kissed a Girl and She Saw Stars

    Maybe you’re living a quiet, simple life and there are moments when you wonder if that’s enough. You don’t feel particularly important, accomplished, or noticed as you care for your family, serve at your church, or show up for your job. Let me tell you, I work daily with people who fail to do these …[ read more ]

  • There’s Something Seriously Wrong with My Church

    Visitors to the church I attend may not notice it immediately but something’s wrong with my church. I’m not sure how they can avoid seeing it since it’s so apparent to those of us sitting in the pews every week. Something’s very wrong with us. Oh, it’s not just one something. It must be many …[ read more ]

  • Dear World, You Make Me So Uncomfortable!

    Dear World, I have a confession to make. Many of you people make me uncomfortable. It’s true. But, I try hard to hide it for a million reasons. Reason one: I don’t see Jesus ever being uncomfortable – ever. Read the gospels. He walked through this world like He owned it. (Okay, He did, but still.) …[ read more ]

  • Why I’ve Started Cutting Holes in Rooftops

    There’s so much I don’t know. Even more that I can’t control. I gasp across the entrance to home, head throbbing, thoughts spinning, soul swirling with other people’s problems, hoping for a momentary reprieve before I face my own. The troubles of this world are so powerful some days, and I’m not a stupid …[ read more ]

  • Is God Waiting for You over by the Sink?

    I expend an awful lot of energy trying not to be human. Is this ever a problem for you? There is always so much to do. I mean, it’s right there in front of us all, isn’t it? Jobs, goals, ministries, visions, dreams, passions, callings. These glorious God-ordained pursuits stand in constant tension with other …[ read more ]