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  • This is How We Kill You Now

    You and I can be incredibly efficient killing machines. Right now, you feel comfortable reading further because you’re confident that I’m only speaking in generalities, or about “others,” the ones with murderous hands. Please keep reading, but don’t expect much comfort. Murderous hearts are the greater concern. Since Cain killed Abel, humans have found ways …[ read more ]

  • I Am a Sexually-Broken Christian

    I am a sexually broken Christian. This shouldn’t shock anyone reading this blog post. We live in a broken world. Few among us are healthy, whole, and living out our full redemption in the areas of gender, sexuality, and romantic relationships. Through Christ, I am on a pathway to wholeness, but I, like everyone else, …[ read more ]

  • Theology Made Simple for Summer

    Five things that drift – A vacationer on a tube down a lazy river A swimmer body-surfing in the sea, inching further down the shore each time My mid-section An entire civilization A soul without a habit of daily realignment with God’s Word, sound doctrine, and mature supports. Five statements that should not create debate, …[ read more ]

  • Traveling with Jesus Sometimes Leaves Me Seasick

    Wow. I get it now. Ever have a moment like that? Just, wow.   For years, more than I care to number, I encountered wave after wave after relentless wave of trial.

  • Once Upon a Time, A Boy Kissed a Girl and She Saw Stars

    Maybe you’re living a quiet, simple life and there are moments when you wonder if that’s enough. You don’t feel particularly important, accomplished, or noticed as you care for your family, serve at your church, or show up for your job. Let me tell you, I work daily with people who fail to do these …[ read more ]