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  • Beware of Crowdsourced Faith

    More than Great Teaching Jesus’ ministry cannot be summed up as one of great teaching. He was a great teacher. His sermons and parables are as relevant today as they were in time of the Roman empire. We do well to study His teaching and to continuously re-read the gospels. The power of Jesus’ ministry, …[ read more ]

  • We’re Asking the Wrong Question About Racism

    Too many of us are getting hung up on the wrong question. It’s easy to understand why. Harder to ask the right questions. I may have it wrong but here goes. The question of the day is, of course, am I racist? All of us are challenged to reflect on this, to confess to it …[ read more ]

  • Fear Not Fire nor Flood nor Contentious Conversation (Seven Keys to Productive Conversations during Conflict)

    Every generation of Christians has its own challenges. Some must send young men and women to war. Others must abolish evil practices like slavery. One of our challenges is that we must get contentious people talking with one another. Many a general would prefer to lead troops into battle because at least he enters with …[ read more ]

  • Behind Closed Doors – Hard Conversations among Christians about Racism

    My friend called me out. I’m a writer. A Jesus-follower. I have a platform. Of course, I should use it to speak into this moment. Why else would God give me a voice in these times? I literally wrote the book on how to have hard conversations. So this radical Jesus-lover sent this: “Lori, we need to you …[ read more ]

  • Abuse of Power

    Whatever the headlines are on our preferred news stations, I believe there is a single headline about 2020 in heaven and it reads, “Abuse of Power.” I’m not going to be cute with this blog. I’ll cut to the chase. I write for Christians because I love Jesus and I adore His people. There’s nothing …[ read more ]