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  • Against Self-Interest (The Greats Play for Love)

    Professional athletes study the game. They watch game tapes over and over, noting each nuance of those who excel. Then, they take their observations onto the field or the court or the mat, practicing them again and again, so that they might not only replicate the excellence, but also surpass it. This is the way …[ read more ]

  • More Dangerous than Demons

    There is a force in our times more dangerous than demons. Fortunately, Jesus demonstrated how to mount a defense against it. The gospel writer, Mark, is a writer after my own heart. He’s like the Hemingway of the good news of Jesus. To the point. No backstory. Jump us right into the action of Jesus’ …[ read more ]

  • Beware Those Who Rush to Translate the Times (a dispatch from the divided kingdom)

    My husband always wants to know “what’s coming next?” When we watch a movie together, he’s forever asking – “Who is that guy now? Why are they going in there? What’s up with that decision?” And I’m forever saying, “How about we just watch and let the story tell itself?” I get it. The suspense …[ read more ]

  • The God Who Also Gives (another dispatch from the divided kingdom)

    Another dispatch from the divided kingdom: “You have no right to be happy,” the gentleman said to me. “I’m sorry, what?” I was a taken aback by his opposition to my worship that morning. “You were raising your hands and smiling. Don’t you know our church is split right down the middle? Don’t you know …[ read more ]

  • Who Would Jesus Trust? (Second Dispatch from the Divided Kingdom)

    This is my second dispatch from the divided kingdom. Today I awoke with gratitude and it occurred to me that I should also thank God for these divided times. There was a brief period of history when we may have been tempted to place our trust in humanity, in earthly powers, in parties, presidents, personalities, …[ read more ]