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  • What the World Needs Now is Better Wine – Broken Together for Three Decades

    Something has always baffled me about Jesus’ first recorded miracle. It seemed so pedestrian, really. He’s at a local wedding and Jesus’ mother learns they’ve run out of wine. This seemed unfortunate but not really devastating. Surely not something I would imagine requiring divine intervention. It’s kind Jesus has compassion on the host and turns the water in six stone jars into wine …[ read more ]

  • Dangerous Dreams – Why We Should Live Awake

    There are drugs we take that heal us and other drugs that destroy us. Not every drug is for our benefit. Go ask, Alice. She’ll testify. Knowing this, we understand the need for discernment and caution when drugs are offered, even from those who have our best interest at heart. The same can be said …[ read more ]

  • Dear Brothers, Don’t Bother Talking to the Women in Your Church . . .

    My dear brothers, Don’t bother talking to the women in your church, not about this subject, anyway. Most of us have been that woman and we want to tell you something. Not because we’re without sin. Not because we don’t honor you. Not because we’re angry (we’re not) or looking to place blame (we’re not). …[ read more ]

  • Snooze Button Believers

    Allow me to confess something here. I became addicted in college and am only now, age fifty-seven, coming to terms with my addiction. I’m certainly not the only person to have this monkey on my back, but I haven’t yet seen a program designed to help me deal with breaking my once a day (okay …[ read more ]

  • Why Some Trees Fall

    In the aftermath of several late season nor’easters, the Rhode Island road sides and woods are still littered with toppled trees. The size of the trees, usually torn from the ground, roots and all, is a daily reminder to me of Proverbs 3:5-8: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own …[ read more ]