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  • Miserable Comforters All!

    Comfort food. The headlines and photos stare at in me the market. ‘Tis the season in New England, for breads, soups, cheese, and pie. We set in our stores and hunker down for the winds of winter are about to blow. Creatures of comfort, aren’t we all, here in the west? Other places, as well, …[ read more ]

  • Sisyphus Goes to Lunch

    Why is it that we can know absolutely we’re not the only one who feels a thing, and yet when we do feel it, it isolates us from others? There are days (okay, almost every one) where my life feels like an endless middle school lunchroom and I can’t find a seat. The thing I …[ read more ]

  • And Now Thou Shalt Shutteth Thy Mouth

    Every generation has its challenges. Ours doesn’t know when to shut up. I could be my generation’s poster girl for this. No one has ever had to encourage me to expand my thoughts on a topic. Want to be the “voice of our generation?” Good luck trying to be heard. We emerged from the womb …[ read more ]

  • Be Wretched and Mourn and Weep

    Let’s not pretend we know how to handle what happened in Las Vegas. Christians know the answer to these distressing times isn’t to harbor anger, hopelessness, or fear. But, let me just say it, it’s also not the answer to pretend to God we aren’t tempted in these directions. Of course, we’re angry! Human life …[ read more ]

  • My Bumbling, Fumbling Mouth Again

    The wrong words emerge from my mouth all the time. I have many friends who don’t share my faith. Several, in fact, who believe it’s pure nonsense to believe in Jesus. It’s an open conversation with most of them – none of us hiding our stand. One girl is given to sarcasm about the church …[ read more ]