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  • The Mosaic GPS

    I hate getting lost. I had to attend a meeting in Providence last week and I made one wrong turn. That decision sent me through a labyrinth of one way streets that cost me time, threw my stress factor into warp drive and tested my resolve to attend the meeting. I had been enjoying the …[ read more ]

  • A Bad Diagnosis

    My husband and I love watching House. That’s the medical drama about the damaged but brilliant doctor who solves medical mysteries that elude other doctors. He is usually the last hope for his patients and because of that, unlike other medical shows where a patient is devastated to receive a dire diagnosis; these patients welcome …[ read more ]

  • The Laughter of God

    Once I looked at a millipede up close – really close – like with a microscope. Thanks to Dr. Andrus and my required science course in college, I was learning to observe. My assignment was to make one hundred observations about one of those brown, hard-shelled millipedes that curl up in a ball when you …[ read more ]

  • Just Do It!

    I was speaking with a woman in the fitness room about a weight loss/exercise plan she’d decided to follow. “I heard about it last year and it seemed very effective so I decided to do it. I went right out and bought the book.” She remarked. “That’s great. How’s it going?” “Well, so far, not …[ read more ]

  • Marriage and Ballroom Dancing

    Marriage is a tough gig. My husband may be dying and there are still days that I’d like to kill him. What’s up with that? We were watching a silly wedding movie on TV with our sixteen- year-old recently. One character has a revelation about his relationship and exclaims “I would rather spend my life …[ read more ]