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  • The Discomfort of PDA

    Isn’t it uncomfortable to witness PDA? You know, a discreet flash of it is acceptable for most of us, but it doesn’t take long to make us squirm and wonder if the initiator might be better off expressing him or herself in private – you know, during their daily quiet time or perhaps in another …[ read more ]

  • Biology Theology

    January is often the month we renew our commitment to care for our bodies. Joining gyms. Stepping on scales. Shopping for salad. Looking in mirrors. This January, our body focus has been expanded as we’ve been barraged with headlines of assault, abuses of power, and violations of bodies that should never have occurred. I propose …[ read more ]

  • When a Rooster Trumps a Raven

    I wonder if that sound affected him for the rest of his life. A cock’s crow. It’s the sound he would have heard, taken for granted even, for hundreds of mornings before that one. As a boy, the roosters throughout his village would have greeted countless morning stars with their alarms. He may have been …[ read more ]

  • Who Will You Let Tell You Your Own Story?

    When the year is new but it’s the same old you walking into it, surrounded by the identical supporting cast from last year and a plot that feels like an under-budget rehash of material you know too well, When your mood flits between grateful and glum depending on the stories flashing past in your Facebook …[ read more ]

  • Who Moved the Finish Line?

    Imagine running a race with no clear finish line. My father was a high school athlete back in the early fifties and loves to reminisce. My favorite story is not one of his glory, but one of his arrogance. Dad was a baseball player and he was fast. So fast, his coach challenged the track …[ read more ]