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  • We All Secretly Believe in Kings

    We all secretly believe in kings. Which is why we continue to follow the next one, and the next On Twitter At the polls In the ratings Into battle Until they topple, feet of clay exposed to external stressors. We swear we’ll never believe again. We steel ourselves and erect scaffolding around our teetering …[ read more ]

  • You Are Missing Out on Something that Could Change Your Life

    I was an obedient child – mostly by default. Afraid of my own shadow, rebellion even in its smallest forms terrified me. No great credit, that. Finding Jesus early, fearful by nature, and inclined to see the wisdom in boundaries, you’d think I’d be immune to temptation. But, you see, no one is. That’s the …[ read more ]

  • Dear Young Woman Who Thinks I Am Old

    Dear Younger Woman, I can tell you think I’m old. It’s the surprise you express when I understand your cultural references or recognize that band you love. It’s the shock you don’t even try to hide when I mention activities I enjoy like hiking or karate or romance. As if you think I worry about …[ read more ]

  • Meltdowns Among the Miracles

    I’ll be completely honest with you. Today, I don’t feel like a person who ought to be writing a blog representing Jesus. Lots of reasons. Here’s one: I had to pay a visit to a children’s hospital in Providence today. For all the boldness I display when I write about faith, I’m a nervous old …[ read more ]

  • What the World Needs Now is Better Wine – Broken Together for Three Decades

    Something has always baffled me about Jesus’ first recorded miracle. It seemed so pedestrian, really. He’s at a local wedding and Jesus’ mother learns they’ve run out of wine. This seemed unfortunate but not really devastating. Surely not something I would imagine requiring divine intervention. It’s kind Jesus has compassion on the host and turns the water in six stone jars into wine …[ read more ]