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  • Don’t Treat Jesus Like a Baby

    You know how sometimes when you go home at Christmas, your family treats you like you’re still a kid even though you’re twenty-three? or fifty-six? Sometimes, especially at Christmas, we treat Jesus as if He was still a baby. He’s not. The babe in a manger grew up, took the sins of all humanity upon …[ read more ]

  • The Four Kinds of Embarrassing Christians

    Sometimes I’m embarrassed by other Christians.  Often, that says more about my spiritual development than theirs. Recently, I revisited one of my all-time favorite movie characters, Blanche Gunderson. In the 2009 movie, New in Town, Blanche is the secretary at a Minnesota manufacturing plant assigned to the corporate executive from Miami, Lucy, sent in to …[ read more ]

  • Why the Church Loves so Badly

    Once, I did something badly until I achieved success. In my early forties, after several years of intense training, I earned my first-degree black belt. I was last in my class from start to finish. It never stopped being a surprise to everyone, including me, that I’d managed this feat. I was driven, at the …[ read more ]

  • There’s No Back Pew on the Front Lines

    Just another weekend worship service. Nothing special. Not Easter or Christmas or revival. We ask God to open our eyes, but what if He truly answered and we could suddenly see what happens when His people gather –the spiritual reality assembled weekly in the foxhole of our churches. Loved ones, there is no back pew …[ read more ]

  • On the Day They Shoot Me Down in My Pew

    Don’t make speeches on the day they shoot me down in my pew, voice raised in praise to the One True God. Shun the microphones, cameras, and interviews, loved ones, it’s a carnival show. Refuse to listen to the talking heads, politicians, haters, and those with ready answers. They are only now realizing we’re at …[ read more ]