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  • Black Dog Days

    I am a fan of Winston Churchill. He’s one of my favorite historical figures. I also love him because, like me, he wrestled with Black Dog days. Do you know the Black Dog? The same man who famously said “Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Or “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” …[ read more ]

  • We’re So Smart

    We’re so smart. No one in our generation or the ones we’ve raised is going to buy snake oil, swamp land or magic beans. We have Consumer Reports, government studies and Search engines. We don’t fall for magic. In fact, we line up for shows featuring magicians who expose their tricks because we’re so smart …[ read more ]

  • A Call to All Revolutionary Storytellers or Fight the Darkside, Luke! Use the Force!

    Have you noticed how hard it’s getting to tell the good guys from the bad guys? When my son was home for Christmas break, I watched a couple of his action/adventure movies and had to keep asking, “Is that guy on the good side or the bad side?” My son’s answer was often, “It’s complicated. …[ read more ]

  • Keeping It Real with God

    So, I spent yesterday reading through Moses’ interactions with God from Exodus through Deuteronomy (I did a lot of skimming). Moses spent time meeting with God “face-to-face”, the Bible says, “as a man speaks with his friend.” Wow. I mean, seriously, wow. And what I love about the relationship between Moses and God is how …[ read more ]

  • Access Denied

    What could be more frustrating, more aggravating, or more insulting than the words “Access Denied”? There was a time when my family did not belong to the local YMCA. My water bug daughter longed to have access to the pool there and frequently remarked that she would do anything to be allowed to swim every …[ read more ]