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  • The Sweet Agony That Is This Time We’ve Been Given

    Life is an extraordinary thing. Just when you think you’ve nailed it, an unexpected development greets you at the corner and you’re sitting curbside rubbing your head trying to remember where you were going before – before the thing, Before you met the girl who you know will change everything, Before you got the diagnosis …[ read more ]

  • When Satan Quotes the Bible

    Somedays it seems that the world is on fire. Rampant wildfires out west. The destruction is heartbreaking. Fire, unchecked and misused, becomes a terrible, terrible weapon. And yet, fire respected, channeled, and handled appropriately brings warmth, life, and light. A good fire can be the difference between survival or death. God’s Word is like a …[ read more ]

  • Maybe You Should Turn Back Now (reasons NOT to follow Jesus)

    There are a lot of really good reasons not to follow Jesus.   Seriously. Every August, the Discovery channel celebrates shark week. That’s usually my inspiration to celebrate some of the harder truths of our faith on my blog. This is one of them. Following Jesus isn’t nice. It’s not a great hobby or past-time. There …[ read more ]

  • God Doesn’t Need a Conflict-Free Church

    This week I’ve been asked to talk about hard conversations at a denominational conference whose theme is “Less Talk, More Action.” The irony has not escaped me. During a week dedicated to inspiring the church to less talk, more action, I’ll be talking about talking. When the preacher tells you that God has a special …[ read more ]

  • I May Have to Give Up Writing

    It’s been a drive that revs within me ever since I can remember. It predates my desire to write. And it began when I read the first stories I could read in my children’s Bible. It’s the drive not to just read the Bible, but to LIVE the Bible. On a cellular level, from the …[ read more ]