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  • Access Denied

    What could be more frustrating, more aggravating, or more insulting than the words “Access Denied”? There was a time when my family did not belong to the local YMCA. My water bug daughter longed to have access to the pool there and frequently remarked that she would do anything to be allowed to swim every …[ read more ]

  • I Quit!

    I’m a quitter. Most people don’t know that about me because I’m also a procrastinator so I don’t get around to following through on quitting but I quit on things all the time. I’ve quit on my marriage. My husband of twenty-one years knows how many times I’ve given up. I’ve quit on homeschooling. Over …[ read more ]

  • What Not to Wear

    I always have the wrong clothes. Do you know what I mean? Other people seem to dress with ease. They have the right apparel for summer at the first bud of a tree and they seamlessly slip into cardigans as the first orange leaf falls to the ground. Their clothes match. They fit properly. These …[ read more ]

  • How’s Your Reception?

    Have you ever wondered why some people seem so in touch with God? There are people who talk about God like they have His cell phone number. You try to hear Him but all you’re picking up is the white noise of the universe. Maybe the problem is your receiver. It’s hard to imagine with …[ read more ]

  • God and Simon Cowell – Coming Judgment

    “Don’t judge me, man.” Remember that line from the sixties? I was born at the start of said decade that issued in this age where Americans celebrate their aversion to being judged. Now, it’s one thing to eschew unfair judgments. It’s quite another thing to throw off the idea of being judged by any standard …[ read more ]