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  • Powerful Friends

    I once irritated a very serious Christian. (OK, I’ve irritated more than one serious Christian but let’s just deal with one at a time.) I irritated this brother in Christ by referring to my relationship with God as a friendship. “You shouldn’t be so casual about the Almighty God of the Universe! You need to …[ read more ]

  • Deep Friendship

    So, Friday night I watched an old movie (1998) called Simon Birch, loosely based on the novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany. It’s set in 1964 and it’s about a friendship between Joe, the illegitimate son of a single mom in a small town and Simon, a boy who’s unloved and whose stunted growth leaves …[ read more ]

  • There is a Deeper Magic

    Remember in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when Aslan is put to death by the Witch but is then resurrected and he tells Susan and Lucy that he is alive because he knows of a “deeper magic”? He tells the girls “that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic …[ read more ]

  • Deep Sleep, Deep Faith

    Lately, I can’t sleep. Like awake at three am playing spider solitaire and watching documentaries on the History channel not sleeping. It’s made me think. Ever look up “sleep” in the Bible? First of all, there are a bunch of verses where “sleep” has nothing to do with the act of sleeping but rather directions …[ read more ]

  • Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

    Man, I hate being scared. I’ve been scared all my life. I remember the dread when my mother would prepare dinner at night and ask me to go to the cellar to retrieve a can of “such-and-such”. Somewhere in the unexplored recesses of our basement “IT” lived. Down the splintery wooden stairs I would reluctantly …[ read more ]