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  • Why Has All This Happened to Us?

    Sometimes it’s hard to relate to stories from the Old Testament but there is one moment recorded there that is infinitely relatable. It happened with Gideon. Gideon was a leader of Israel after they had been delivered from Egypt and made their home in the Promised Land. During the time God called him to lead, …[ read more ]

  • Diane Geaber, A Life Lived for Christ

    This is my friend, Who loved the Lord, Who lived her faith, Who told everyone she met the truth about Jesus Christ, Who fought the fight while she lived and Fought the fight as she died. This is my friend who rests in Christ Until that day when He returns for us all This is …[ read more ]

  • Michael Jackson, Babies and Muslims

    Watching television reporters fall all over themselves trying to sum up Michael Jackson’s bizarre life and prolific career, I think it is a perfect example of why none of us should attempt to play God. Which of us is capable of sorting through a life’s accomplishments and failures and making a true judgment regarding its …[ read more ]

  • Love Don’t Make Things Nice

    Today I helped to train forty YMCA staff members in child abuse prevention. We had to discuss the realities of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect. Immediately after that, I joined the leadership team to watch a surveillance video that captured the accidental drowning of a young child in a camp pool (not our …[ read more ]

  • Surviving Those We Lose

    I’ve been thinking about the Apostle John. He’s my favorite Biblical writer. His style, his way with words, the themes on which he focuses resonate with my spirit. But lately I’ve been thinking about the fact that he probably lived into his nineties. Whereas, according to tradition, we believe most of the other disciples were …[ read more ]