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  • Joy Behar has Done Christians a Huge Favor – so Thank You, Joy!

    Joy Behar has done Christians a favor. She’s provided a wonderful opportunity for us to consider how we might respond to someone who accuses us of being mentally ill for holding to certain beliefs and practices based on our faith. Ms. Behar isn’t the first person to use that idea as a punchline. I’ve heard …[ read more ]

  • Seven Ways Christians Can Act Now to Prevent the Next School Shooting

    Another shooting. Children. A tragic young man channeling his anger through a funnel of violence. Screaming in the aftermath. Demanding answers, solutions, and action. Aiming to blame. Fumbling our way to a more secure future. It’s becoming too familiar. The candlelight vigil. The tearful teens clutching teddy bears and texting good-bye to parents who live …[ read more ]

  • The Most Dangerous Book of Our Times

    As I watched the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Olympics, I experienced a range of emotions. Awe at the creativity of humanity. Respect for the training and athleticism of the participants. Wistful hope at the sight of the two Koreas marching as one. Sadness at the singing of Imagine by John Lennon. I love his …[ read more ]

  • Release the Doves of War

    It could be that I’m still stoked from the sermon I heard two weeks ago. It was a solid message with dynamic delivery. You know what I mean. Like the moment the pastor opens his mouth, you know you won’t be working on your weekly to-do list until after church. He preached on Jesus cleansing …[ read more ]

  • When Your Ministry and Your Influence are Too Small (or the mystery of the third pie)

    It’s so easy to go wrong – well, for me it is anyway. I’ve been thinking about ambition. Early in life, I understood from God’s Word that I wasn’t to seek after the things of the world. What Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all …[ read more ]