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  • Yes, Virginia, some people find Christmas irritating

    Do you know an Ebenezer Scrooge? They’re not just fictional characters. Ebenezers walk among us every day. Yes, Virginia, some people find Christmas irritating, aggravating, and even loathsome. In the movies, these people end up embracing the joy of the season, melting at the special gesture of a loved one, a meaningful gift, or a …[ read more ]

  • Whipping Up Something New – Advent in a Divided Kingdom

    In preparing for major events, most of us clean house. God is no different. Do you remember Jesus cleansing the temple? When we clean, there is a sorting out. What have we accumulated that is unnecessary? What is unlovely and should be discarded? What has entered that isn’t in line with our values or that …[ read more ]

  • Drop Weight During the Holidays – Five Surprisingly Effective Strategies

    Want to feel lighter during the holidays and greet the new year weighed down by less? Predictably, I believe the Bible holds the key. Here are five surprisingly effective strategies for dropping weight during the holidays. #1: Drop the weight of grumbling and dissatisfaction. Nothing weighs a person or a celebration down like the heavy …[ read more ]

  • When We’re Repaid Evil for Good

    It has never been easy for God’s people to set about to build. Building requires vision. Envisioning something that isn’t there but needs to be. Holding onto a vision that others may not see. Clinging to a vision when dark forces try to snuff out the light that illuminated the original dream. Building is never …[ read more ]

  • The Truth – It’s Complicated

    It was an unpleasant call, but it could have been worse. A friend informed me that someone was posting falsehoods about me on a social media site. Truly unpleasant. As I read the lies, though, it occurred to me what would have been worse is if these tales were true. As dreadful as it is …[ read more ]