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  • Is Deconstructing My Faith Our Only Option?

    The church of Jesus Christ can be a terrible let down. Everyone from immature or backslidden believers, false teachers, outright wolves, and misguided yet well-intentioned souls can create pain and sorrow in the lives of other Christians. Everything from boredom to legalism, deception to downright abuse can occur to dishearten even a long-term Christian. And …[ read more ]

  • The Unpleasant but Effective Remedy for Unbelief

    You walk into the home where you grew up. Every smell, every piece of furniture, every painting, every carpet is as familiar to you as the whiff of your father’s cologne. Bringing back memories of the man who chased monsters from beneath your bed, taught you to stand up to bullies because he had your …[ read more ]

  • A Greater Danger than the World’s Unbelief (part 1 – the problem)

    Every writer has an ideal reader. Mine is you. Every writer has a message. Mine is this: don’t stop believing. No, I haven’t been listening to my old Journey albums and I apologize if that song is now stuck in your head, but actually, I don’t. Let that one phrase echo in your mind today …[ read more ]

  • When Trouble Comes, Don’t Blink

    What do we do when we see things others don’t? How do we respond when they react with scoffing or disbelief? Why are there signs that to us are as clear as day while to others, they are easily rejected or ignored? A mother in Knoxville, Tennessee noticed a “small glow” in her 17-month-old daughter’s …[ read more ]

  • Because I Don’t Answer to You – That’s Why

    First, to my fellow believers, It’s incredibly tempting to take the bait. We’re like hungry trout. Always hungry. Relentless appetites for acceptance, belonging, meaning, security, attention, and comfort. We crave peace. We’re designed for unity, community, and worship. All these things can be ours in Christ. He accepts and receives us. Through Him, we belong …[ read more ]