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  • Offending Like Jesus

    You and I have grown up in a gentle season of faith-sharing. Friendship evangelism. Seeker-friendly services. Love wins. We’re all going to be just fine. And, while I’m glad not to have experienced weekly fire and brimstone sermons, each generation gets a little something right and a lot of something wrong. Which is why it’s …[ read more ]

  • When Infants Threaten Kings

    Kings don’t frighten easily. Kings, presidents, prime ministers, and other world leaders are generally a self-confident lot. Usually surrounded by armed security and ensconced behind barricades, they don’t lie awake wondering about noises in the night. They command armies. Decide fates. Determine futures. They speak, and people act. If they are unafraid of armed forces, …[ read more ]

  • The Bracing Power of Ancestry.God

    When promises or dreams take a long time to be fulfilled, it’s easy to doubt them. We grow weary. Others mock us for waiting. Scorn our hope. Point us to focus on “reality.” As if something is less real because it is slow to appear. We share our days with a cynical generation. No one …[ read more ]

  • The Sermon that Provided the Solution

    Last Saturday, as I drove to visit my Seventh Day Baptist friends, I was fretting over my life aloud to God. It wasn’t so much a prayer, really, as me simply worrying and complaining to Him about what wasn’t right, and what I’ve tried to get things right, and how could I still be struggling …[ read more ]

  • My Bucket List

    Do you struggle with your eyesight? Recently, I’ve experienced extensive eye strain and scheduled a visit with my optometrist. Was I having trouble seeing distance? No. Was I struggling to read? Not really. Then, she asked, what is the trouble? I looked at the desktop where she was seated about two feet from me. “There!” …[ read more ]