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  • Perseverance – The Loneliest, Most Underestimated Virtue

    Perseverance. Such a lonely, uncelebrated virtue. And yet, like an unassuming seed that falls to the ground with no witness to its burial, perseverance does its work deep within our souls and then suddenly bursts forth from the earth of our lives with the power of life to break through death and produce beautiful, rich, …[ read more ]

  • A Prayer for Ukraine

    Oh dear Father, we cannot bear the news, the pleas, the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, nor the isolation and bondage of the citizens of Russia. We cry out to you with one voice to put an end to this war, to free everyone in the path of Putin’s destructive plan, …[ read more ]

  • How Can We Handle All the Headlines and Hold onto Faith?

    My dear friends, We are under a deluge of headlines that threaten to dishearten us and weary our souls to the point of extreme faith fatigue! How our hearts break for the people of Ukraine and for the innocent citizens of Russia who are also victims of tyranny! My heart is also heavy for all …[ read more ]

  • And Now We Walk Through Fire

    So much is right in my life and so much else is wrong. You, too? I know love. I enjoy health. My family enjoys one another. I have meaningful work. I am safe. My healing continues to progress. Jesus reigns. You have a list of blessings, too. But. But. Ukraine is under siege. The country, …[ read more ]

  • What Do You Believe about the Bible?

    My beliefs have become a problem. Not for me, but apparently for others. It’s not even the nature of my beliefs that is at issue. It’s the idea that I have them. “Beliefs are the problem,” she said. “Whose beliefs?” I asked. “Anyone’s. I mean, evangelicals are the worst but really anyone who has set …[ read more ]