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  • Speaking Truth to Powerful Women

    Women are powerful beings.  With a glance, we can raise a man’s hopes or wither his self-esteem (often leaving me to wonder why burka-enforcing men think it safe to leave a window for the laser-beam of a woman’s eyes.) As women have risen to inhabit an equal place in culture (which is a good thing), …[ read more ]

  • A Hard Conversation with the Witch Next Door

    Have you ever learned a lesson about your own faith from someone opposed to it? God taught me a significant life lesson through an encounter with a warlock. Fresh out of Christian college, I had energy to burn and invested it all in the residents of an inner-city runaway shelter in Providence, RI. Not sure …[ read more ]

  • One Bible Story Every Modern Christian Should Model – But Sometimes Doesn’t

    Nobody wants to be thought a fool. I sure don’t. I’ve always hated being laughed at or considered “not in the know” by others. That was the story of my childhood – being laughed at by cousins and neighborhood kids who weren’t afraid of the train that ran through my grandmother’s back yard or big …[ read more ]

  • The Dangerous Job Interview Question I Wasn’t Prepared to Answer (Coming to an Interview Near You!)

    At job interviews, I’m prepared to answer just about anything. But, I wasn’t prepared for the question I heard from one potential employer. Not just once, but in a series of interviews for a job I found intriguing. Conversation flowed. We connected. It was going well. Smiles. Nods. Quiet laughter. Then, a glance at my resume. …[ read more ]

  • The Next Billy Graham is Here

    Let me get right to the point with this post. I have been deeply influenced by some great Christian preachers and teachers of our times. For their words and example, I am (literally) eternally grateful. It’s been nearly one year since the Billy Graham stepped from this life into glory and many have wondered who …[ read more ]