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  • If You’re Bored with Your Faith, This is Why

    In life, there are puzzling mysteries begging to be solved and compelling mysteries calling to be explored. Too many of us lead anemic spiritual lives that barely nourish our own souls and don’t attract any real interest from spiritual seekers because we treat God like the first kind of mystery – something to be solved. …[ read more ]

  • Five Ways to Respond to People Angry with God or Hurt by the Church

    Let me confess to a struggle I have and admit, I may be short on answers about this problem. Still, I suspect others share my dilemma and it’s important we have this conversation. How should those of us who thrive in relationship with Jesus and find deep community in the church respond to those who …[ read more ]

  • No One Wants the Life Jesus Promised – Not Even Me

    Jesus came to give us life to the full but no one really wants that. Think about it. Jesus had life to the full and so did His followers. There was companionship, laughter, and joy. There were miracles, healings, and the dead raised from the grave. Cowards found courage. The cold-hearted learned to love and …[ read more ]

  • In Defense of Words

    Words get a bad rap these days. Especially words spoken by Christians. (You know, of course, that we’ve become the villains of our times.) We’ve earned a measure of our poor reputation through hypocrisy and lazy faith. That’s a sad state of affairs each of us must address in our mirrors and in our reflections …[ read more ]

  • The Distinctive Communication Style of Pharisees

    Pharisees have a distinctive style of communication. We see it play out repeatedly in their interactions with Jesus. It’s important in our efforts to fight our inner Pharisee to be aware of how Pharisees behave. In my first post in this series , I mentioned three things you notice right away about Pharisees. This time, it’s important to listen to what they …[ read more ]