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  • I May Have to Give Up Writing

    It’s been a drive that revs within me ever since I can remember. It predates my desire to write. And it began when I read the first stories I could read in my children’s Bible. It’s the drive not to just read the Bible, but to LIVE the Bible. On a cellular level, from the …[ read more ]

  • Sometimes Love is a Hard Conversation

    I have witnessed incredible courage in my times – bravery on the battlefield of childhood. Times when adults stood around muttering that “someone should do something” until a child, full of love, tugged the sword out of their stone hearts and became king of love and reason. An eight-year-old alone in a room of professionals, speaking up to say, “We’re not safe at home. We’re being …[ read more ]

  • Hijacking Jesus

    Here’s the thing – Lately, I’ve been hearing all kinds of conversations describing the followers of Jesus. Like a vicious version of the twelve blind men and the elephant – I’ve heard the talking-heads describe people of faith as bigots, haters, misogynists, war-mongers, jingoists, chauvinists, xenophobic, homophobic, sycophants who believe in archaic fairy-tales and conspire …[ read more ]

  • When We’re Afraid of Saying the Wrong Thing

    I find lately that I’m easily tempted to fear “saying the wrong thing.” These are days without mercy. Times where lines are drawn, and camps formed over subjects large and small. We’re instructed that words are codes and any of us who unintentionally mumble the wrong phrase or ask a question that makes us suspect, …[ read more ]

  • We Should Be the Most Aggravating People

    More than once, I’ve aggravated the people I’ve been called to serve. More than once, I’ve listened to a family tell the story of their conflict and ask me who I think is right. More than once, my reply has been, “It has often been my experience that everyone involved is wrong. This may be …[ read more ]