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  • The Next Billy Graham is Here

    Let me get right to the point with this post. I have been deeply influenced by some great Christian preachers and teachers of our times. For their words and example, I am (literally) eternally grateful. It’s been nearly one year since the Billy Graham stepped from this life into glory and many have wondered who …[ read more ]

  • When You’re Fine – Except, You’re Not

    Earlier in this decade, I thought about dying every day for a year. I wasn’t planning suicide or battling a life-threatening illness, I was simply overburdened and weary to the point of imagining that perhaps even a brief hospital-stay sounded like a relief. My life was a super-highway with no scenic over-look, so my mind …[ read more ]

  • Five Ways to Be an Older Women Younger Women Will Hear

    They’re not listening. This is the complaint I hear from my contemporaries about the next generations. Women of a certain age worry about the generations coming up behind us. We know we have a biblically-ordained responsibility to reach and teach younger women, but we flounder in this task. Largely because we view it as a …[ read more ]

  • O Ye of Little Ministries (The Mystery of the Third Pie)

    It’s so easy to go wrong – well, for me it is anyway. I’ve been thinking about ambition. Early in life, I understood from God’s Word that I wasn’t to seek after the things of the world. What Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all …[ read more ]

  • A Brutally Honest Soul-Baring Post from a Weary Writer

    Behind every book written in the name of Jesus, there’s a story. In June of 2017, after weeks of imagining I might never write another book, and with great tears of relief, I signed a contract with Kregel Publishing to write The Art of Hard Conversations . It would be an immense undertaking. It was an impossible topic, but one …[ read more ]